An Addiction Divine

What is your addiction?? There once was a time when coffee was old hat. It is what your mother and father drank at the morning breakfast table, or after dinner. These days, with the help of such storefronts as Starbucks, Supreme Bean and the like, coffee is as popular as soda and tea. It is … Read more

The fall of Heros

Face it… there is no Superman, Batman, Aquaman or the like. We live in a world where we look for Heros in life. People that we can look up to and admire or even aspire to be. For some people that is a scientist or doctor, for others it can be a Rap star or … Read more

Mind your mouth…

When I was a child, I was forbidden to use fowl language. Our house, though that means just my mother and I, was very strict in that sense. In fact, I was so well trained that I never even cussed outside of the house, for fear that somehow my mother would know that I had … Read more

Wash your hands!!!

This is a little different than my usual posts, but enjoy. I pay attention to things, little things and big things. I also tend to dwell on things that bother me. That being said, I will vent a little here about something I noticed some time ago, and then started taking a mental score of. … Read more

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