A wound that should not heal…

Five years… Like all deep wounds, this is one that will hurt for the remainder of our lives. But I think that while a certain amount of healing should be allowed, there is also a certain amount that should not. When something like 9/11 happens, it is important that we not only do not forget … Read more

A News Junkie Darkly

I have become a news junkie. Yes… I have found myself doing what I could never understand in my Father and Mother. I will sit through the day and Listen, Read or Watch news in some fashion or another. Most of the time this is restricted to listening to the news, as it is easier … Read more

A Disturbing Trend

You know something… we are raising a generation of rude people. My wife and I were sitting, eating breakfast this morning, and I watched as a man came in and sat down in the waiting area… waiting to be seated. Well… This being Sunday, it was not long before the usual Church crowd started wandering … Read more

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