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Month: June 2008

Of Wives and Dogs…

Let me first start off by saying that this article was my wife’s idea, because of a moment of levity while we were out “Yard Sailing” today (though by the time this is posted, it will have been a couple weeks ago.)

The topic came up about how our dog, Eliza, is always happy to see us, especially me. It seems that no matter what, Eliza is always happy to see me.

I will occasionally see other people with dogs, and I have a tendency to walk over and talk to them. It is almost as though there is an unwritten rule that says that most people with dogs should be friends. It is as though both the dogs and their people understand this.

So I will go home, and the first thing that Eliza will do is check me out… and she will cover every inch of my hands, shirt, pants and shoes to see who this strange dog that I was messing around with was. After she is done with the investigation, then the scolding begins. This usually lasts about five to ten minutes of her barking and not letting me near her. Then, as though nothing ever happened, she comes over and gives me a profuse amount of “dog kisses”, which in “Eliza Parlance” means that you will have your nostrils thoroughly bathed and the tip of your nose will get nipped a couple times.

This started me to thinking, aloud and in front of the wife; “Wouldn’t that be the dream of all guys if women were like that?”

“Like what” Was her reply.

Knowing that I had just stepped in “IT”, I had no choice but to continue the line of thought.

“What if women were just as quick to forgive and forget as Eliza is?” I said… getting ready to dive behind the car for cover. Not knowing any better, I continued… “You know, a guy could go fool around and have fun, come home smelling like strange women, and the wife or girlfriend scold him for a while, then forgets about it and cuddles… no beg deal.”

Obviously this was all said in jest, and she knew that. With the exception of one moment of stupidity many many years ago that was just south of a nightmare, I have been the picture of faith to my wife. So she knew that I was throwing ideas out for the sake of conversation.

That is where this post comes in. Her response to the entire dialogue was: “Tell you what. You post that on your Blog and see what kind of response you get from people.”

I must have LOOKED like I had some doubts, and she saw that, so she said, “You will post it, right?”

For anyone out there that is or has been married, you learn that there is a secret tone that all women have learned. It is taught to them by their mothers and It is similar to the way Obi Won told the stormtroopers that the droids were not the ones that they were looking for. It is that voice that they use when they want a glass of water from the kitchen and are only sitting ten feet from it, yet they call you from the other side of the house, while you are in the middle of something.

Alright, so I exaggerate a little.

So… In closing, my loyal readers… all five of you. Please do not give me too much grief over this post.

Things I learned from watching David Caruso

As you may gather from this post, I am not a big fan of David Caruso. If point of fact, there is only one movie that I have seen him in where I truly like his acting, and that is in the role of “Kit Kat” in Hudson Hawk. If you have not seen this movie, then you must. It is a quirky and fun movie that has no intrinsic redeeming qualities except that it is a fun watch.

But I am getting off topic…

Ten things I have learned from watching David Caruso..

  1. No matter how bad I think my life is, I can always watch David Caruso.
  2. Cocking your head at a 45 degree angle has the dual effect of making you look like an escapee from the “short bus” or someone who has chronic cervical vertebra problems.
  3. Glasses are only for looking looking kewl going on or off.
  4. There are certain people that cannot make the Akimbo thing work, no matter how cool they think they are.
  5. Never give a CSI a gun, sunglasses and a sports coat.
  6. Never have a relationship with your brother’s girl.
  7. If you are prone to using little on-line quips, make sure that you, or your writer, has a sense of Irony, humor or at least has practiced one-liners at some point in their life.
  8. Do not encourage your coroner to talk to the recently dead. It borders on the slightly creepy to moderately insane.
  9. Leading a CSI team means never having to say your sorry.
  10. If I am ever dying in Miami, I will drag myself to Fort Lauderdale in the event that there is even the slightest possibility that there is a person like David Caruso on staff in the Miami police dept.’s CSI team.

News of upcoming changes…

Greetings all…

At the suggestion of a co-worker, I have decided to once again look into creating a Forum.  My past experience with doing this has been precarious at best.  The last one I used was hacked so many times I just gave up.

Well… recently the same people that created WordPress, the software company I am using now for this Blog, released their own Forum package that I am in the process of installing.  I should be ready for testing, yes… that means you folks…  on Friday.  Yes, I chose Friday the 13th, because there is something poetic about that.

Stay Tuned…  This Friday, same Bat-Channel same Bat-Time!!!

Who are we becoming?

Recently there was an event in Hartford, Conn. that has me worried.

This is the news piece, please follow the link for the story.

A man is hit by a car while they are, by the sounds of it, playing a game of cat and mouse. Chasing each other through busy streets.

The fact that he was hit at all was bad enough, but what makes it worse is that while the man lay in the street, people just watched. No one lifted a finger to help, short of calling 911 to get emergency crews out. It was very likely that another car could have come along and hit this fellow. The video and the stills clearly show that people did see this man, and while taking the time to gawk, took no measures to stop traffic or make sure that nothing further happened to him.

Right here I would like to step out of the calm way I usually talk and just ask, what the HELL kind of society are we becoming? Is it more important for us to take pleasure in someone else’s agony than to lend a hand, or at the very least stop further injury or suffering? Even if someone had gone so far as to pull their car out into traffic to protect this guy, or as simple as kneeling next to him, holding his hand and telling him that help was on the way.

Now… of all those people on the side of the street, I wonder how many pulled out there camera phones and took pictures of this man laying there. How many of those same people stood there wondering if someone else was going to do something, or said to themselves that someone else would take care of this.

THAT is the problem. We have become a society that is waiting for others to do something, and not taking action ourselves. You will probably argue with me on this, but when you look at the stills and the video, how many people are standing there watching, and not doing a damned thing to help the man? How many people do you see go out and see if there is anything they can do?

Everything is an episode of Survivor or Real World to people these days. People are too busy watching and enjoying the pain and suffering of others to get involved in something as meaningless as, oh, I don’t know… SAVING A LIFE! They see it happen, think, “Man, I am glad that was not me!” then go home and sit in their chair and watch the news of the event, then see the person there. They might go so far as to say to someone, “Yeah, I saw that happen.”

There was a time when more people used to give a damn. When you saw something happen, and sprang into gear and tried to help. I know of one person, personally, that did this. He lived in central Utah, and was there when a child was hit backed over by a van. He did all he could, but was not able to save the child. THAT is the type of people that we should all be. Willing to help when the time calls for it. He may not have been able to save that child, but I have to think that there are two things that happened… First, he took a chance to save a life, and he did his best. Second, maybe somewhere in the little consciousness that ebbed from the child, she knew that there was someone there trying.

That man, Arce Torres, laid in that street and waited. He may or may not have known that there were people around him, treating him like the latest side show, or an errant cat that was hit by a passing car. He may or may not have felt that no one there cared enough to try and help him. But if there had been even ONE person that had been a stand up guy, like the one I spoke about with the child and the van, then Arce would have known someone was there who cared about him and wanted to see him safe.

It angers me that so many people out there no longer care about strangers the way we once did. That we have to fear getting involved in something just because we do not want to become inconvenienced by what might happen if you help a person in need.

If any of the people that stood there and watched this happen, and did nothing to help, happen upon my site, and read this. I do hope that I am wrong, and there is a hell… because there is a special place in it for you, I am sure. You should all just hope that if something like that happens to you, that the people who show up are kinder than you were.

That is all… At least all I have the stomach for at this time.

Big Foot

One of my favorite hobbies, when at a PC, these days, is playing with Google Earth. It is truly a fascinating program and so full of information and detail, that I am not sure you can really run out of things to look at or for. Interestingly enough, it was one of my discoveries on G-Earth that lead me to write this post.


In my G-Travels, I have noticed that there are many many places through out California that Bigfoot was supposedly seen.

If we are to believe that there have been so many people that have run into this mystical beast, then you would think that someone, somewhere, would have captured a picture that is clear and easy to tell that what we are looking at. Instead, the only photos that do come out are either taken as such a distance that you cannot tell what you are looking at, or they are so fuzzy that you cannot tell if you are looking at a map/ape type creature or a bowl of ground beef that has been in the fridge for a couple months.

When I posed this argument to a friend once, he said that the reason the photos are of bad quality is probably because the person was scared. I can accept that in some of the cases, but not all. I would have to think that if a photographer sees Bigfoot, then there is also something else he sees… in his mind. That would be dollar signs. I would think that the first photographers that bring in clear, unaltered pictures of something along the lines of Bigfoot, will be making a trip to the bank to deposit a nice sized check.

I am not discounting the possible existence of Bigfoot. I have lived long enough to understand that there are still things about planet Earth that we do not know. We are always finding new species of animals and plants. There will always be new discoveries to be made and I am sure that there is still a lot out there to be discovered and, as humans have a tendency to do, to be exploited.

I do have to think about how funny it is that something like this has made it’s way into out pop culture. I can recall all the silly shows that were on when I was a kid that dealt with Bigfoot. Though my favorite had to be the episode of the Six Million Dollar man, where he fights Bigfoot. I have done you the courtesy of adding a clip.

OK… Looking back on it now, I will be the first to admit that our TV choices in the 70s were not the best. But hey, I liked it at the time, and I would never miss an episode of the Six Million Dollar Man.

But this show helps to show the place that we put things like Big Foot then, and in listening to shows like Coast to Coast, which used to be Coast to Coast with Art Bell, you see that there still are people out there that follow things like this. I would hazard to guess, though, that maybe 90% of the people that call into programs like that are simply looking for some attention or their 15.

As I said earlier, I do think there is a lot out there that we have not seen yet, and maybe we should not. Face it, there is no doubt that when we find something new, we always seem to find new and exciting ways to exploit, destroy or molest it to death. I am sure the same would be true if a Big Foot type creature.

In reality, it is probably a roving band of people suffering from Hypertricosis and coincidentally have unusually large feet. They are simply looking for a razor, delousing facility and a really large foot bath.

Hey buddy, can you spare some gas?

I told myself that I was not going to do this. That I would not get caught up in the whole “Gas Controversy” that seems to be the talking point of everyone with access to the internet, TV station or radio station. There are so many people out there going on about it, and what good does it do?

So I figure since everything that everyone else is saying is falling on deaf ears, then why not add my own voice to the collective vacuum.

First off… is it really necessary to pay $122 a barrel for oil? (this was the price at the time I am writing this, and I usually schedule my articles out a few days.) And should I really be paying $4.00+ a gallon for gas?

When you look at the amount of oil and natural gas that has yet to be tapped in the US alone, it really begs the question, WHY are we not going after it with a passion?

Yes… I do understand that we are working towards the goal of lowering emissions and producing cars that can go further and further on a single tank of gas. I think this is a noble goal, and I am not suggesting that we no strive for it. But this is not going to happen overnight. There is no Genie sitting around waiting for us to rub his lamp and *poof*, everything is green, electric and zero emission.

Granted, Al Gore and that con job called the “Carbon Credit” would like us to think that he is the Genie, but in reality, as I see it, this is nothing more than another way for people to excuse themselves for continuing to pollute and for someone else to get rich in the process… any guess’ who that would be?

I am not saying that this is unique to the Dems. I am not attacking them alone, especially when you can see that the current administration has it’s own people that stand to gain by the increasing prices of oil and gas. So they really have no incentive to do much more than stand around, beat their chests and scream rhetoric like a pack of impotent, rabid baboons with something to prove.

If there were anyone in power that really cared about making us “oil independent”, then they would fight hard, harder than they are now, to push through the permissions to drill for oil and natural gas in ANWAR and in the mid midwest, where there is enough oil and natural gas to last us a good long time. While we are using that, THEN we can continue to find ways to make better and more efficient cars, planes, boats, etc…

Again, we are not going to see a 100mpg car roll off the lots overnight. It will take some time, and if you look at the steps we have taken in the last few years alone, you can agree that we are on the right path. In the mean time, we still need gas, and jacking the price up to record highs is not going to do anything except increase the sales of bikes, motorcycles and skateboards.

One last thing that I do not think that the government is taking into consideration. With all the people that will stop driving because of the gas prices, there may be a record number of people walking and biking… this, in turn, may lead to a healthier group of people who might need less health care. So you politicos that are reading this, think of what that might do to hurt your Universal Health Care… not as many people would need it if you let us get more physically fit.

This has been my rant… take from it what you will, leave your comments if you want. I will not argue with you, so if you come here seeking a fight… sorry.

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