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Month: January 2009

Love of letters

When was the last time you wrote a letter?

No… not an email.  Not typing a letter in a word processor and printing it out.  I mean really WRITE a letter.

I think that it is a dying art, these days.  Something that many of us see as some anachronistic part of a past that we do not look to these days.

There once was a time when writing was an art in and of itself.  You went to school and one of your classes was a penmanship class.  When you wrote an essay, you were not only graded on the paper itself, but on the legibility and the clarity of the writing.

Today when you see people write, it is usualy short, terse notes to each other, and rarely anthing of substance.  You even see people writing in “TXT” format as well…  a practice that I abhore.  It is a sign of laziness and borders on illiteracy.

People just do not write that much any more, then do not seem to understand that putting pen or pencil to paper is something that lets them express while also creating.  You are not just pounding out the letters onto the screen or a piece of paper, you are physically creating each letter and forming them into words.  You are doing something that not only requires thought, but also requires a physical act to carry out the process.

Think back aways… it was not even twenty-five years ago that more people were writing, than there are today.  Now think back to a time when that was the only way people had to communicate.  They had to write letters to convey their thoughts or to share a message with others.  If you look at those old documents, you will see that because they had to use that media to create their message, they did so with style, and most documents were almost works for art in themselves.

Next time you are getting ready to write a letter to your Aunt Bob or Uncle Jeanne, think of doing it long hand.  Get out the lined paper and a pen (I would prefer it be a Pencil), and write the letter longhand.  You will do two things… you will put more feeling into what you are writing and the people that get your letter will think more of it.  Anyone can pound out a letter in a few minutes, but when you take the time to really write, you are creating more than a letter, you are truely creating.

Another new year!

In the infamous words of Kosh, on Babylon 5… “And so it begins…”

Another year.  Another chance of success, disappointment, money, loss, etc…

We all go into every new year with high hopes for how the year will play out and what we will and well not do throughout that year.  Unfortunately there are many of us who become lazy or complacent and chose not to do anything more than what we are already doing, which is little or nothing.

I have a few goals this year… entering more pictures in the fair as well as entering my cranberry sauces.  Getting a table router so that I can proceed with my efforts to become a somewhat accomplished wood worker.  Most importantly, complete my studies and become a Master Mason (At the time of my writing this, I am a Fellowcraft Mason.)

Every new year is a little bit of terror and a little bit excitement.  Personally I feel pretty good about this next year.

It is my hope that you all have a wonderful year and may everything you pursue find you successful.

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