What to expect from July

In July I will be trying something new.  I will be writing eight articles that feature a different band or performer.  I have decided to write about people that many of you who might read this would probably not be very familiar with.

My reason for doing this is because of the level of importance I place on music in my life and what music and it’s meanings are to me.

Every song tells a story and every group or band has a different story to tell… I am hoping that I can convey some of what I see in the music to you and share my love for the art.

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5 thoughts on “What to expect from July”

  1. you could start with, let it now, let it snow, let it snow…as a tribute to global warming and then of course summertime………

    sorry just couldn't resist, really though looking forward to reading the articles….


  2. Actually there will be very little in the way of music actually ON the site. It will mostly be about the artists. Maybe a link to a video or two. That is all.


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