No “Vick”tory for animal rights.

I am not even sure, really, where I want to start with this whole Michael Vick thing.  I am no expert on football.  I could not tell you anything about Vick’s football career or about his lifetime averages during play.  If he has any MVP awards in his name or if he has his own … Read more

Warren Zevon

Bordering on the demented, there no better way for me to end this month of musical conversation that to talk about Warren Zevon. Like most people, my first experience with his music was with the song “Werewolves of London”.  But not being able to stop there, I went out and picked up the single.  Yes… … Read more


I first heard of XTC when I heard the song “Senses working overtime” on the radio.  Because of the way my hearing has always been, however, “Senses” is not what I heard.  So when I walked into Sam Goody Music, I had the misfortune of hearing several people laugh at me when I asked for … Read more


If I were to describe Enigma in any ONE statement, it could only be “The sound of sensuality.” I suspect that there are people out there that would find other ways to describe the sound, as everyone hears something different when they listen to the same music.  But for me, when I listen to the … Read more

Electric Light Orchestra

There are very few conversations that you can have about musicians and bands that were ahead of their time without mentioning, at some point, Electric Light Orchestra, or ELO. For those of you who may not know who ELO is, you will probably be surprised.  Their music has been used in movies, commercials, television programs … Read more

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