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Month: September 2009

I think I will miss keeping cats…

Since I was a kid, we always had cats in or around the houses or apartments we lived in.  It seems that for some reason or another they have always been sort of a constant in my life.  I have always liked cats and of the pets you can keep, notice that I do not say “own”, they are the most maintenance free.  They clean themselves pretty well, they only come to you when THEY are bored or hungry.  But they also seem to know when you are down or sad, because that seems to be the time they will come over and bump you with their head or jump up in your lap.

Naty and I made a decision this last year.  When our current cats, Sally and Critter-Bug, pass on, we will be bringing in no more cats.  These will be the last ones that we will keep.

This makes me a little sad, but in fact, there is something that I will enjoy about this.  Namely the fact that there will be no more litter-box to clean.  Since I am the only one that cleans ours, then that means this is a direct benefit to me.  There will be no more stepping on the occasional soggy hairball that Sally likes to deposit on the middle of the hallway… always strategically place so that it is the first thing I step on when exiting the bedroom and never placed so that Naty steps on it, only me.  No more giving Sally her “Old Kitty” meds for her arthritis and “Kitty Diabetes”.

There is a lot that I am looking forward to by not having kitties in the house any more, but I have a feeling that I will miss them.  Even with the three dogs we have now, there will still be an empty spot when that time comes.  For now, I will just enjoy the company the provide and keep complaining about the little annoyances they do cause.

Discovering God

I have never particularly cared for the term “I found God”;  It always seemed, among other things, so cliche.  There are also times that people use it as if they are looking for a way to try and convince others that they have, through some divine or mythical process, transcended the evil that they had done in their lives by attaining a higher understanding of God.

I will never tell you that I have “Found God”.  I will say, however, that over the years and as I have grown older, I have become more spiritually aware than I once was.  I have started to understand that the more I think I know about “Life, the Universe and Everything”, the more I see that some things are not easily answered by science, even though it plays a strong role as a tool to discovering much of the unknown.

I do not believe, as many do, that our lives are directed by God.  I think that we are all given a set of tools to work with and what we choose to do with them makes us who we are.  Some of us choose to do good and others to do evil, then again there are some just ride that center line with no real leaning towards one side or the other, choosing to live the life complacent.  But every one of us has the very same capacity for good or evil as every other one of us, it is all a matter of choice.

Regardless of how we are brought up or the social class we are brought up in to, those decisions are ours.  We each have to decide what we do with and where we take our lives and yes… some of us do have more challenges set before us than others, but those only help make us stronger and more prepared for what life might deal us in the future if we choose to approach them head on and succeed.

I do think that our lives are sometimes “nudged” in a direction by God.  I say this because there was a time when I seriously thought about becoming a Rabbi.  After studying the requirements and learning was entailed, I decided that it was too much responsibility for me and chose not to take this path.  This has been a decision I have grown to regret and I feel, looking at the person that I have become, that I would have been a very good Rabbi.  In this case, I feel, in a manner of speaking, I was approached with a job offer from God, and chose to turn it down.

I also look at the people in my life who have been the most influential and I discover that many of them have been members of the Clergy…  Rabbi Stanley Robin… Rabbi Stephen Peskind… Rabbi Rosenberg CDR USN …  plus various Priests, Pastors and Deacons that I have known and spoken with over the years.  These are all people that have positively influenced me on my various paths in life.

Does everything that I have said above mean that I have found God?  No… I do not think that anyone “Finds God”.  I think that it is more a case that you need to understand what you need in your life and for what answers you are looking.  I guess you could say it is like “Looking for love.”  Everyone has it to give, you just need to learn how to accept it and return it… God, in whatever way, shape or form you perceive him or her to be, is no different.  We all have some feelings about God… we all go through periods of doubt, rebellion and contemplation.  Some choose to follow a spiritual path and become Clergy.  Others decide to sit on the sidelines and just watch and wait; then again others defiantly deny that there is any such thing as a higher power.  For some, though, at some point, through your learning, understanding and living, God, or your understanding of him, will find you.

Who knows… we might all be wrong, but that is something that only time will tell.  For now, I would like to think that He is out there, holding back some of the cards, making sure that we are all playing the game fairly.  A dealer that has palmed part of the deck and is waiting for us to play our hands.

For those of you who are used to reading my work… no… I have not gone strange.  I have always wanted to write a piece like this, but have always worried about how it would be taken.  Most people that know me do not know how my spiritualism works.  I keep my beliefs close to me and am not quick to share them.  This is the first time I really have, so I hope that you appreciate what I had to say.  As always… I thank you for taking the time to read this.


First off, let me apologize to those of you that might be regular readers.  I have been lazy lately and have not posted anything for some time.  While I would love to have a better excuse, like the Obama administration kidnapped me and attempted to brainwash me into being “Samurai the Insane for Obama”, I cannot and must admit that I have been nothing more than a lazy person these few weeks.

Now… that being said, I would like to touch a little on the amazing events over this last weekend.

In spite of the many people that said that the Tea Party movement was just a passing fad and would, through time, fade away, the turn out in Washington DC this last Saturday went a long way to dispel that thought.

With number varying from tens of thousands to a reported two million, depending on which news agency you read and what party they want their news to promote, it was apparent, at least to me, that the Tea Party movement is alive and well.  It is also apparent that this movement crosses party lines, as my wife and I found out when when went to the local “Tax Day Tea Party” here in Bakersfield back in April.

Through my wanderings at that event and talking to the various people, I found more than a handful of Democrats, a couple fellow Independents, a couple Greens and even one person that identified themselves as a American Socialist Worker.  Now… I must tell you that this would not count as a legitimate poll of the people at the party I went to, as I was not there to interview people, I just happened to start talking to some of the people and this is the information that I gleaned from them.

Now… I am not an activist, in fact I might be considered the furthest thing from it.  I am more content to read about what is happening and then write about it, but there is something to this Tea Party movement.  This last weekend has proven that they, or should I say we, are not going to fade away.

You see… people seem to be just now remembering that the strongest part of the US government is not the President, Senate, Congress or any other body therein.  They are waking up to the fact that the strongest part of the US government is you and me.  It is about “We the people” and our government “…of the people, by the people, for the people…” and not about the people who sit in office and write agenda based on their own needs and wants.

Now… I do not dislike Obama… I have always said that and I would even go so far as to say that somewhere deep in his mind, he might honestly think that his plans are good for the United States.  I cannot think that any person that considers themselves even remotely capable of running the country could intentionally set about to hurt the country.  But I hope that he and his cohorts in office with him are smart enough to see the reactions that his moves have provoked.

I hope that there are more Tea Parties… I hope that this is a sign that more people are going to start getting active in the direction that their government is going.  I do not limit that statement to just the people whose beliefs match my own, but to everyone.  If you have a belief that you support, stand up for it.  Let people know.  Don’t sit idly by and hope that someone else might say something, because there may be thousands of people out there waiting for one to step forward and lead the charge.

If we all become more active in our government and the actions it takes, then maybe they will start paying more attention to what they are doing and if it is for the people or for themselves.

As always… thank you for your time.

Back from the nowhere…

OK… I have no excuse.  I have not written in almost a month and the only thing I can present as my defense is that I was lazy and that I have also been working very hard on a story that I am going to submit.  It is a work of fiction, but I am not sharing any details with anyone at this time.  If it gets printed, then I will share with you WHERE it is in print.

I am putting more efforts into this blog again and should be pumping out some stuff shortly.

Thanks for the readership and welcome to the new subscribers I have just noticed.

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