Hey buddy, can you spare some gas?

I told myself that I was not going to do this. That I would not get caught up in the whole “Gas Controversy” that seems to be the talking point of everyone with access to the internet, TV station or radio station. There are so many people out there going on about it, and what good does it do?

So I figure since everything that everyone else is saying is falling on deaf ears, then why not add my own voice to the collective vacuum.

First off… is it really necessary to pay $122 a barrel for oil? (this was the price at the time I am writing this, and I usually schedule my articles out a few days.) And should I really be paying $4.00+ a gallon for gas?

When you look at the amount of oil and natural gas that has yet to be tapped in the US alone, it really begs the question, WHY are we not going after it with a passion?

Yes… I do understand that we are working towards the goal of lowering emissions and producing cars that can go further and further on a single tank of gas. I think this is a noble goal, and I am not suggesting that we no strive for it. But this is not going to happen overnight. There is no Genie sitting around waiting for us to rub his lamp and *poof*, everything is green, electric and zero emission.

Granted, Al Gore and that con job called the “Carbon Credit” would like us to think that he is the Genie, but in reality, as I see it, this is nothing more than another way for people to excuse themselves for continuing to pollute and for someone else to get rich in the process… any guess’ who that would be?

I am not saying that this is unique to the Dems. I am not attacking them alone, especially when you can see that the current administration has it’s own people that stand to gain by the increasing prices of oil and gas. So they really have no incentive to do much more than stand around, beat their chests and scream rhetoric like a pack of impotent, rabid baboons with something to prove.

If there were anyone in power that really cared about making us “oil independent”, then they would fight hard, harder than they are now, to push through the permissions to drill for oil and natural gas in ANWAR and in the mid midwest, where there is enough oil and natural gas to last us a good long time. While we are using that, THEN we can continue to find ways to make better and more efficient cars, planes, boats, etc…

Again, we are not going to see a 100mpg car roll off the lots overnight. It will take some time, and if you look at the steps we have taken in the last few years alone, you can agree that we are on the right path. In the mean time, we still need gas, and jacking the price up to record highs is not going to do anything except increase the sales of bikes, motorcycles and skateboards.

One last thing that I do not think that the government is taking into consideration. With all the people that will stop driving because of the gas prices, there may be a record number of people walking and biking… this, in turn, may lead to a healthier group of people who might need less health care. So you politicos that are reading this, think of what that might do to hurt your Universal Health Care… not as many people would need it if you let us get more physically fit.

This has been my rant… take from it what you will, leave your comments if you want. I will not argue with you, so if you come here seeking a fight… sorry.

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7 thoughts on “Hey buddy, can you spare some gas?”

  1. There are really two things going on driving the price of gas and oil. First, the cost of a barrel of oil has nothing to do with supply. Even without all of the untapped resources here and abroad, the cost of oil is being driven by one thing, speculation on the future’s exchange. While some of the increase is due to real supply and demand theory, countries like China increasing their usage. Most is pure speculation as oil is bought and sold like a stock on the stock market. And we all know how those prices can and are routinely munipulated.

    The second cause of gas prices is related to the fact that we have not brought any new gasoline manufacturering facilities online in more than 20 years due enviromental extremeism. You can not only build more production capacity without harming the environment, but also find new sources of oil in kind, without harming the environment, including exploration in Alaska. Again much like the speculation on the futures market, lack of capacity for production, is keeping the demand artificially higher than the available supply.

    For the short term, I don’t see any of this changing. Especially when we have so called shortages of oil and gas and record high per barrell prices of oil, yet the oil companies continue to make record profits. One of the big oil companies last year made over a million dollars a day in profit. That’s not cash taken in per day, that is what was left over after all of their expenses, meaning the $120 a barrell, exploration, development, salaries, gas production, every expense they had. So if they spent 5 milllion a day on expenses they took in 6 million. From their perspective, what’s the problem?

    The solution to this problem is simple, yet one that may cause us all some pain in the pocket book while it works its way out. What is this solution you ask, supply and demand. May of you now are probably laughing at this point saying I just told you supply and demand was being manipulated, which I did, but it is also the solution and and it is a simple one. While currently there does not seem to be a lack of demand for gas at the current prices, at some price point however demand will start to fall, because the average citizen will not and many cannot afford to pay $100 to fill up their gas tanks on a weekly basis. So people will start conserving gas, making less trips, staying at home, looking for alternatives to driving. Which not only will hurt the oil and gas companies, but other business, which will in turn put more pressure on the oil companies and drive the price down. We also should not forget all of the products besides gas that are made from oil. If the price continues to remain high, other things made from oil, will start to increase and unlike gas, you can more immediatley stop purchasing those products thus forcing the manufacturer’s to find other raw materials to make their products from.

    And last but not least, supply and demand in the automobile industry will also have its effect on oil prices. The longer oil and gas prices stay high, the less demand their will be for cars and trucks that do not get 30 to 40 mpg or more. Again consumers will demand through sheer buying habbits these types of vehicles and those companines that are willing to make those types of vehicles will profit and those like the former big three in Detroit will fail. Now don’t think all of this will happen overnight, it will take some time, but eventually the market will correct itself and supply and demand will run it’s natural course, as long as we don’t allow it to be artificially manipulated, by the speculation, and limits to production and exploration by the environmental extemist movement.

    I will leave you with this final thought, if we are really running out of oil, why aren’t the oil companies shedding their oil and gas assests and looking for other sources of revenue. If as many claim the sky is falling wiht regard to oil supply, are they just going to go out of business, when the supply runs out. When we start seeing companies like Exxon and Chevron getting out of the oil business, I would say that’s when we need to start worrying about the oil supply.

  2. Well friends, there’s no doubt in my mind where the blame rests …. First, it rests on the backs of the ‘speculators’ who have bid the price of oil to the level it is today. Second, blame it on the ‘tree-huggers’/ (greenies). Third, blame it on our ‘weak-dollar’. There you have it, solve those three problems and we’d be well on out way to lowering the price of gas. But, the mealy-mouth wimps we have chosen (yes, I’m just as guilty for voting for them) as our legislature have only one thing on their minds ….. their own self aggrandizement!!

    You know what I say? ….. THROW THE BUMS OUT!!

  3. Funny, in a way. Was it not speculation, in the first place, that led to the Great Depression? If so, you would think that we would have learn our lesson… or SOME lesson?

  4. This is ultimately causing downward spiraling snowball effect on other things as well, like mass transit, particularly air travel. The prices of tickets are shooting up, American Airlines is now charging extra for any checked bags. What will happen is people will try to cram as much as they can in the largest piece of acceptable size carry-on, and then there will be a competition for overhead storage space (I’ve already seen this happening long before all of this, so it’s just going to get worse). Quantas is saying that their fuel costs have more than doubled in the past 12 months, so they are laying off employees, planting roots, cancelling orders for new aircraft, and retiring some old aircraft.

    The possible bright side to this is polution might go down some. The bigger cities should beef up their bus and subway systems while they can. Maybe bring back more of the electric cable cars.

    In any case, we just have to embrace the change as best as we can because we keep hearing about all of this from the press and media, but the average citizen being able to do anything about the rising fuel costs appears to be out of our realm. Let’s see, the media is cramming doom and gloom down our throats at an alarming rate. The world is basically crumbling in every sense of the word. Global warming, panic and speculation leading to instability and rising costs in the fuel and food markets, and most people are too busy trying to survive and make ends meet to be able to find the time to do anything about all of this. Or, maybe if we stay glued to the TV long enough they might tell us what we can do. 🙂

  5. You know what is particularly funny about this is. Last night I was watching “War Games”, with Mathew Broderick. In the scene where he hacks the airlines and books a reservation for the gal and him to go from O’Hare to Paris, the price comes up as $172.00 a person. Man, were those the days.

  6. I agree with russ to a degree, he pretty much nailed the causes for the oil increase, however one thing I’d like to add to his comment is the fact that Congress bears more of the blame then the oil companies. They refuse to build new refineries, they have been in the process of actually closing down half of ours. Its become pretty much impossible to build things like nuclear power planets, coal plants etc in our country because of the environmental nuts who congress seems to love so much. If you really want to point the blame at anyone its congress, because they are screwing us on this issue a good 100% of the time.

  7. One thing that was touched on that makes me laugh is that the Eco-Nazis talk about the dangers of Nuclear power, yet in Europe, it is the norm. Look at the percentage of France alone that gets it’s power from Reactors.

    I seriously fear where we are going to be in the next ten or twenty years at this rate. We are selling ourselves to the Chinese and other countries.


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