IRS and your Healthcare – Strange Bedfellows


When you sit down and think of organizations within the federal government that are run smoothly and efficiently, not many really come to your mind, or at least not many come to the mind of most of us.

Now… if I told you that the IRS is going to be the watchdog for the new health care system that Chairman Obama and his lackeys want to put into effect, the first thing you should be thinking is something along the lines of: “WTF?  The IRS?”

But, unfortunately, this is not a joke.  As you will see in the links I will provide at the end of this piece, the proposals in play right now have the IRS playing a key roll in determining who has health care, who does not and if the health care you have is “adequate”, going so far as to use their own determination as to what “adequate” means.

They, the IRS, will also be responsible for levying fines if you are determined to not have the right or enough health insurance, at least enough by their standards.

Do we REALLY want an organization as top heavy as the IRS already is to be put in the position of being the official Obamacare Gestapo?  People that already have too much to do with your income right now to also have their feet dipped into what kind of medical coverage that you do or do not have?

I would say no.  A BIG freaking no!

Here are the links:

From the Washington Examiner

From the Marketplace Public Radio

From USA Today


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