Where the heck are we heading?

I know I have said that I will no longer write anything political, and for the most part this will not be a political post. But there are things I feel I have been silent about for too long and I just NEED to get them off my back now. Please understand, going into this article, that I did not vote for Trump in either election, but I also did not vote for either Hillary or Biden. I am a believer in the dream of a viable ‘Third Party’.

When was it, exactly, that politics changed?

I can recall watching the debates as a kid and seeing how polite the presidential condidates were to one another. I do not recall them stepping all over each other’s time, speaking out of turn, being rude and condescending. At least not in as vile and frequent as we have seen in the last few election cycles.

And now that he has lost, President Trump seems to refuse to want to accept it. Moreso, there are many of his followers that agree with him, that he should have gotten it and this is all some Democrat conspiracy.

You know… Stop this. You want to make America great again, then start acting like a mature, good, example to people of that it looks like to lose with honor and dignity. Be a gracious loser and concede with pride! Give your speech, shake Biden’s hand, smile and wave at the cameras and if you are serious about trying again, give a friendly thumbs up and say, “2024, people!”

That’s it. That’s all you have to do! It’s not hard. It won’t hurt any thing but your pride, a little, and you are done with it. Better yet, you look better to the people that some old man that lost and in throwing a tantrum.

Thanks for reading. Now going back to not talking politics.

By the way… Happy 245th to my beloved United States Marine Corps. Ooorah…

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