President’s Day

  Remember when there were two days commemorating the presidents? When I was growing up, I remember school being closed for Lincoln’s  and Washington’s birthday.  I also remember that we did things like make stovepipe hats out of construction paper, and cotton wigs to look like George Washington.  There were also the obligatory beard cutouts … Read more

Happy New Year!

Can you believe it? 2010! I can remember being a kid and thinking how far away that sounded.  Thinking that I would be 41 years old and then thinking; “Man, that is old.” Then, quite suddenly, I was 41 and then, almost as suddenly, I was wishing everyone Happy 2010. Can you remember all the … Read more

Merry Christmas

I would like to wish all of you out there that celebrate it, a Merry Christmas. It has been a tough year and I hope this holiday… no… this CHRISTMAS season finds you well and healthy.


For me there is just something exciting about Halloween.  It is not so much the day itself, though I will say that it is an under appreciated holiday. Maybe it is just something as simple as the fact that it represents, to me at least, the change of seasons.  A time when there starts to … Read more

Reflections on another Christmas past…

Alright… did someone get the license plate number from that truck that hit me? Oh…  Wait, that was just Christmas and New Years day…  Never mind. This last Christmas was interesting.  While people everywhere were touting that this was going to be a bad season because of the economy, that did not seem to stop … Read more

Happy Independence Day!!!

Or as it seems to be known nowadays as: Happy “another-obscure-holiday-that-lets-us-mark-everything-down-and-draw-in-people-looking-for-deals” Day. I wonder how many people remember what today is all about… the real meaning of the holiday. To all the men and women out there serving all of us in either the capasity of the military or in keeping the peace.  Sempre Fi … Read more

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