Crank??? Really?

A while  back the wife and I watched a movie called  Crank.  This was not really something that I was looking forward to, but to make the wife happy, I relented.  I knew she had a thing for Jason Statham, and I really think that this is the only reason she wanted to see it. … Read more

Gone but…………

Not forgotten…………………….. When is the moment you realize that you will never forget those who have gone from your life. You can’t really pinpoint it or plan for it, it just happens. Whether it’s sitting watching a movie, seeing an old t.v. show, reading a book, a news clip, a blog. What brings those memories … Read more

…Not without my cat!

Tonight I watched the movie “Alien”, this will make the… oh, I stopped counting so long ago it is not even worth mentioning.  Let me just say that I have the script memorized and will speak the lines before they are spoken on the idiot box. To be fair, I do like this movie.  If … Read more

Review: The Astronaut Farmer

This last weekend my wife and I watched The Astronaut Farmer. This is truly an outstanding movie. Not for the reality or the graphics, but for the story itself. Obviously the chances of a person being able to build an orbital craft in their back yard (Or barn, as in the movie) are slim to … Read more

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