Covid-19 and Us

I hope that everyone out there is doing OK as we go through this worldwide crisis. I know that the tough part is the separation that we have to go through to keep us apart from others and, hopefully, prevent the spread of this sickness. How are you dealing with this? Not so much how … Read more

Respect and BEING Respectful

I recently became part of a debate on Facebook, with a friend of mine, over a video that was posted.  Well, not really a DEBATE, but a discussion. The issue came up over this video that was posted on Twitter: I would like to point out that I have no fondness or dislike for … Read more

Writing – My Friend, My Foe

  I like writing…  most of the time. I hate writing… some of the time. Since I was very young, I have liked telling stories.  I can remember making up stories about spaceships and monsters and telling them to whomever would happen to be willing or captive to me at that time.  Most of the … Read more

New Post on my HubPages site

I recently posted a new piece on my HubPages site.  Please follow the link here: Please take some time to go see it and feel free to leave feedback on it.   Thanks.

Writing around

As the few of you that actually visit my site may have noticed, I have not been writing the bulk of my work here.  But I have been writing. I have been trying to find a happy medium between writing her and writing on my HubPages site that I use.  Needless to say, that site … Read more

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