Making the move to Vonage…

So… after almost twenty years with AT&T, feeding the giant, so to say, the wife and I have decided to move our phone line to Vonage.

I am sure that this evokes images of the silly commercials and the famed “Woo Hoo” song by the “5,6,7,8’s” who sang the song in the first installment of the Kill Bill movies.

All that aside, I have actually been with vonage for a few years… about four or five now, they provide my 877 number for this site and the second line that comes into my house.  More often than not, I use that line as my main line because the clarity is so much greater than that of the land line.  It is also the line I use for the TTY device I use to speak to my mother, who is deaf.

In all, vonage does offer a lot of features for what you pay.  The few times I have had to call them for something, I have never had to deal with anyone rude or with an accent so thick I almost feel like I need a passport just to ask for technical support… much like I have to go with any time I call AT&T for line or DSL support, when I am at work.

I have had a couple people tell me the not do this, but I have to think that they have been around long enough to be considered stable… and if my office “SamuraiMarine Hotline” is any sign of thing to come, then I am sure I will be plenty happy.

Besides…  it is also going to save me about $25 dollars a month making the move!

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4 thoughts on “Making the move to Vonage…”

  1. the only fear i have in going to internet only telephony is during loss of power. During Hurricane Ike, the hardwired phone worked the whole time even though we had no power. I of course also had my cell, but when i left the house so did the cell. Which means that while I was gone, Mom was home alone with no phone. I would really like to cut the cord and go strictly cell myself, but I do not live alone.

  2. While I understand your concern, the fact is that more and more these days, "Wireline" services are becoming a thing of the past. Look how wireless phone usage has expanded just in the last twenty years. I remember the 20 pound "luggable" phone I used from time to time when I was working at Radio Shack. Now they have trancievers that are the size of a dime. Before you know it, you will be able to have a cell device implanted in your jaw so that you can have your cell phone and not have to carry it.

    We went with Vonage mostly because we do not want to lose our number and this way we can take it wherever we go.

  3. I understand Grants position completely. But with that said, I too have gone 100% Vonage, with Samurai's help. Why did I need help, you ask?

    Well my conversion was as the saying goes ….. a proverbial cluster%#@&*!! While I've had a number of Vonage lines since 2005, my main home numbers were never available to me for transfer to Vonage. Then one day recently I checked and waalaa, they were available. Here's where is get interesting and involved the Warrior …….

    ……. needless to say, I wanted all of my numbers, two of the original four I still retain and the two new ones (main & Fax), to be within the same account number and to be combined and moved to the newer adapters ……. evidently this 'concept' was a challenge to the Bangladeshi's. The resultant shake-out was a mess to behold.

    The Warrior had set up the adapters correctly, but "the Indians" had totally screwed-the-goose on the rest. I had to wait almost two weeks for the transfer(s) to be enacted with AT&T (and that's another story that even The Warrior doesn't know the details of) before "we" found a reasonably educated Bangladeshi to move everything around into the right locations. (there are two side stories that accompany this diatribe, but I'll cease-and-desist at this point)

    The sum total of the entire 'adventure' is this ……. it may have taken the better part of two weeks to get everything straight, during which time I had almost no service, at this point I'm very pleased with the transfer and service. Should I, as stated by Grant, have a problem, my fall-back will be my cell service.

    In a nut shell ……. I recommend Vonage!!

  4. Russ… your apventure (intentional misspelling) stands as a neon sign to the old adage, "That which does not kill us, only serves to make us stronger… or piss us off."


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