Let’s Play… USA!

There are probably not too many of you out there that will get the title of this post.  You have to have a strange taste in music like I do and have listened to those odd groups from the 80’s.

There was an artist by the name of Peter Schilling, a German singer, who’s only real popular hit in America was a song titled “Major Tom” of the album “Error in the System“.

The song, “Let’s Play, USA” was a commentary on how he saw American life.  In this song, there is a courus that keeps repeating:

Let’s play USA
Let’s play USA

How I love the life I lead
Cannot think and cannot read
Watch our values slip away
Play the game of USA

While Peter may have thought poorly of the government at the time, this statement is more true not than it ever was in the 1980’s.

Looking at the way the country is going… the direction that it is heading, there is no doubt in my mind that today, there is an error in the system here.  When the government shells out billions upon billions of dollars to companies like AIG, who then pay their executives bonus’ to the tune of $165mil, then there is a problem.  While it looks as though much of this money might be given back, it is still money that should not have been given to AIG to begin with.

Personally I would be interested in seeing if there are grounds for a Class Action case like “The American Tax-Payers vs. AIG”.  Granted, we would not get a lot of money, if any, but it would be on PRINCIPAL.

History show us that simply throwing money at a problem does not fix it.  Likewise, simply throwing money, as this new administration seems intent on doing, at the financial issues presently plaguing America is not going to help, not when in order to do so you are taking the money out in the form of a mortgage against the future of the nation.

I am not a financial expert… but I do understand on how to, and not to, stay solvent.  If I keep borrowing money to pay my bills, there will come a time that the interest and payments on the money I am borrowing will exceed that which I am able to pay back.  That is called Bankruptcy.  That is where we are heading if our administration is allowed to keep sending out these so called “Stimulus Packages.”

Thanks for your time.

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2 thoughts on “Let’s Play… USA!”

  1. Interestingly, while it certainly took me long enough to read and now respond to this post, it appears that the current (meaning TODAY) issue at hand is BHO's attendance of the G-20 meeting in England. If you've not been following the news as of late, Frau Merkel has unabashedly stated that The Deuchland would NOT participate in any program of European Mass Stimulation ……. Throwing money at this mess is NOT the answer, but BHO is intent on proving the world wrong by throwing our tax dollars at the mess ……. WRONG!!

  2. It's the "UNiCeF" mentality, and it goes a little like this: "Wow… there is an awful big problem there. Someone should do something about it…" <pause> "Someone…" <longer pause…> "OK, If I give you fifty bucks, will you buy some paint and we can paint over the bad parts a little and take credit for the good parts?"


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