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Big Foot

One of my favorite hobbies, when at a PC, these days, is playing with Google Earth. It is truly a fascinating program and so full of information and detail, that I am not sure you can really run out of things to look at or for. Interestingly enough, it was one of my discoveries on G-Earth that lead me to write this post.


In my G-Travels, I have noticed that there are many many places through out California that Bigfoot was supposedly seen.

If we are to believe that there have been so many people that have run into this mystical beast, then you would think that someone, somewhere, would have captured a picture that is clear and easy to tell that what we are looking at. Instead, the only photos that do come out are either taken as such a distance that you cannot tell what you are looking at, or they are so fuzzy that you cannot tell if you are looking at a map/ape type creature or a bowl of ground beef that has been in the fridge for a couple months.

When I posed this argument to a friend once, he said that the reason the photos are of bad quality is probably because the person was scared. I can accept that in some of the cases, but not all. I would have to think that if a photographer sees Bigfoot, then there is also something else he sees… in his mind. That would be dollar signs. I would think that the first photographers that bring in clear, unaltered pictures of something along the lines of Bigfoot, will be making a trip to the bank to deposit a nice sized check.

I am not discounting the possible existence of Bigfoot. I have lived long enough to understand that there are still things about planet Earth that we do not know. We are always finding new species of animals and plants. There will always be new discoveries to be made and I am sure that there is still a lot out there to be discovered and, as humans have a tendency to do, to be exploited.

I do have to think about how funny it is that something like this has made it’s way into out pop culture. I can recall all the silly shows that were on when I was a kid that dealt with Bigfoot. Though my favorite had to be the episode of the Six Million Dollar man, where he fights Bigfoot. I have done you the courtesy of adding a clip.

OK… Looking back on it now, I will be the first to admit that our TV choices in the 70s were not the best. But hey, I liked it at the time, and I would never miss an episode of the Six Million Dollar Man.

But this show helps to show the place that we put things like Big Foot then, and in listening to shows like Coast to Coast, which used to be Coast to Coast with Art Bell, you see that there still are people out there that follow things like this. I would hazard to guess, though, that maybe 90% of the people that call into programs like that are simply looking for some attention or their 15.

As I said earlier, I do think there is a lot out there that we have not seen yet, and maybe we should not. Face it, there is no doubt that when we find something new, we always seem to find new and exciting ways to exploit, destroy or molest it to death. I am sure the same would be true if a Big Foot type creature.

In reality, it is probably a roving band of people suffering from Hypertricosis and coincidentally have unusually large feet. They are simply looking for a razor, delousing facility and a really large foot bath.

Idle thought for the day.

Oskar in repose

Do you thing our pets really know how good they have it?

We have three dogs and two cats, and they are all spoiled. More than likely the reason for this is because we have no kids, so we fill that gap with the pets.

Oskar, the dog in the picture, was our first dog. We are convinced that he is an OCD dog… Obsessive Compulsive for those of you in Rio Linda. He will sit and stare at a toy for however long it takes for someone to try and take it from him. All the while he is watching it, he will sit and grumble at it, then look at you. Finally… if no one plays with him, he will pick the toy up, usually wet with slobber, and drop it on you. He prefers trying to drop it on your face, if you are laying down.

Overall he is very well behaved, and takes most things in stride. He is, by far, the smartest of hour animals.

To watch our pets, it appears to me that they see the entire world, to them, revolves around my wife and I. They need to be where ever we are, and need to feel as if they are part of what we are doing.

The one that tickles me the most, though, is Eliza. If you are a regular reader, then you know that she is our “Special Needs” dog. She has had health issues all her life, and has bonded with me the most, because I was almost always the one to give her her medicine, dress her infections and hold her when she was cold from all the bathing and medicating we had to do to her. Almost anywhere I go in the house, unless she has decided to take a nap, she will follow me. She also REALLY looks like she is trying to understand you when you are talking… whether it is to her, or someone else. She will watch each person talk, and cock her head left and right. Of the three dogs, I think she is the one that, if possible, would most want to be human.

Timmy… What can I say. He had a bad start in life, even for a stray. He went to several homes where he was either abused, or just not wanted. By the time we got him, he was borderline psycho-dog, and would panic if a fly landed on the window in the other room. I have to admit, that there have been several times I lost my temper with him, or have become frustrated with him. Mostly that results in me sending him outside. He has gotten better though, and his hobby now seems to be washing my head. If I sit down or lay down, or anything that gives him easy access, he will start washing my scalp. He will also switch modes very quickly. He can be happy and playing with us, then almost in an instant, he runs away and hides. Nothing in the style of play has changed, but maybe a repressed memory during the game causes him to panic.

I think that we treat our three dogs about the same as people would treat their kids. Oh, sure, you would not want to put a leash on little Billy and feed him dog food, though there are probably parents out there that would, but you see my point. We spoil them, take them with us when we go places, talk to them like they understand or even care what we have to say.

Cats… they are different altogether. They interact with you on their own terms, and if they decide that you are worthy. They only really come to you when they are hungry, if they are bored or if there is nothing better to do. Usually it is at a time when it is least convenient for you, that they decide to socialize. Like when you are watching a movie that is too exciting to break away from, and have to go to the bathroom really bad, then they climb into your lap and decide to make biscuits. That kneading action they do when they are happy, or some other thing like that.

Pets are great… but in looking at them and the affect they have on us, it make you wonder if they really know what they have in us, and also, if they do, if it is us or them that are in control.

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