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Attitude towards Illegal Immigration.

Recently I did a little impromptu poll on my Facebook page, asking if they felt that the immigration system, as it is right now, is broken and what they would do to fix it, if the choice was theirs to make.

To say I was disappointed with the number of people that responded is an understatement.  Of the two that did respond, one response was very good, the other was, more or less, dismissive.

While this poll was, by no means, a comprehensive scientific study, it was enough to tell me that either people do not want to show their hand on this topic for fear of alienating themselves or others, or just really do not care enough to chime in.

There also appeared to me through this another group of people.  One of the responses was a person who replied with

“out of my league….i don’t bother myself with that stuff…que sera sera……”

This could not be further from the truth.  If you are a tax paying US citizen, then none of this is out of your league and you should never adopt the “whatever” attitude regarding this.  Every single US citizen should be angry as hell that this is going on.  That our boarders, US/Mexico as well as the others, are so porous that people can go back and forth the way they do.

The other response I got was:

“The U.S. Immigration system is no longer the most efficient venue for entering the country as it once was. The burden of dealing with hundreds of illegal immigrants crossing our borders on any given day, has out numbered our border agents, …stretched our resources in capturing and deporting these individuals and has suck our social services system dry.

My solution may be harsh, but effective. Build a 20 foot wall at the border, with another fence approximately 50 feet from the wall wrapped with barbed wire. If somehow they manage to survive this, they become subjects of national security and will be shot.”

While there is part of me that does agree with this, I can also see the downside to it as well.  I think that I would take this idea and instead of shooting them with bullets, I will tranquilize them and then put them into a massive holder center on the border, within this “No Man’s Land” that would be created.   Process them, mark them and then send them back to Mexico.  The mark would be simply to let us know they are repeat offenders.

I understand that there are many people that make the effort to come to America to have better lives, but there is a right way and wrong way to do so.  In spite of those US citizens who seem to think it is perfectly acceptable for foreign citizens to wander into the US illegally, with no right to be here, there is nothing right, acceptable or healthy about it.  All of this is discussed in my previous two articles on this topic.

Lastly, and what I think is the most silly, is the argument people keep throwing out about how those that are living in the United States now are, actually, illegal aliens.  This is by far one of the worst arguments and only makes those using it look silly.

Granted… there was a lot wrong about the colonization of the land that is now the United States.  We did a lot of bad things to the native population to gain this land.  But the point is moot for one major reason.  You name to me one country that exists today that has not in some way shape or form, been built upon the former lands of another indigenous people.  So the US is not the only people you can use that argument against, if you really want to get technical.  The global map you see today has mostly born from conflict and acquisition and not based on the original tribal lands of the native peoples.  This does not mean that any of it was right, just that it is what it is.  We have to move forward.

Now… if Mexico would like to challenge our right to this land, they can always declare war and invade.  That would make things a lot easier for the USA.  We might even get some more land in the process.

Risks of Illegal immigration…

Shortly after I finished the last piece on illegal immigration, it occurred to me that I forgot something important.

While it is an established fact that illegal immigration does cause a burden on the resources of the state in which they have invaded as well as a burden on the country in whole.  There are also other risks and dangers as well, but not solely to us as Americans.

You see, there are good reasons that countries like ours try to monitor the flow of people across the border.  In spite of what you might think of us as Americans, some of these reasons are not completely mercenary.

Let’s look at them one at a time:


No… Not the dogs.  But the people that transport the illegals across the border.  If you visit the ICE web site and look at some of the ways these people try to come in, then you would have a better understanding of how dangerous it is to BE and illegal, and not just from Mexico.

Look at the stories of people dying while being shipped in containers from overseas.  Or the stories of people dying in the desert while they are being transported to the US illegally.  In some cases, you have dozens of people that are packed into a small cargo container with little or no water or facilities.  There are even stories of people dying because they have no way to breathe.  Then there is the occasional story of the cargo container, full of people, that is abandon because the person carrying it does not want to get caught.

Long story short…  once the person pays the Coyote or transporter for their services, there are no refunds.  If you back out, you do not get your money back.  Furthermore, there is no guarantee that you will even make it here anyway.  You might either be caught by the US or Foreign authorities or die in the process…  Either way, you are not getting your money back.


The process of quarantining both immigrants and emigrants for fear of passing diseases from one country to another is not new.  This is something that has gone on since around the time of the Roman Empire.  Even to this day the US, as well as many other countries, will monitor the inflow of visitors and immigrants to look for signs of illness.  If they find someone that is sick with something that might be a hazard to the citizenry of the US, then they are quarantined or, in some cases, returned to the country of their origin.

There is nothing wrong, or racial, about this.  It is merely a process of protecting the welfare of the United States and the people therein.  Same holds true for any other country, the process is there to protect the citizens and not there to discriminate against anyone of them.

Now… when you subvert that process, work around it through the process of illegally entering the nation without going through the proper processes, you not only risk your own health, but you also risk the health of the people in the country that you are “invading”.

Now… imagine for a moment that someone enters the country that is ill with something like hemorrhagic fever, like Ebola.  If this person make contact with others, especially through the process of crossing the desert with his or her fellow illegals.  They are now all exposed to the same illness and all become carriers.

When they finally do reach a populated area, some of them might start showing signs of the illness outwardly.  So when they check into a hospital, on the taxpayer dime I might add, they are now exposing potentially hundreds more people to the disease.

Yes… what I have just given you is a rare case.  Luckily hemmorhagic fever is not very common and has never been a major threat to us.  But the potential is there.  It is a problem we have to consider and prepare for.

Risks in General:

Lastly… and most importantly, is the crossing of the desert itself to get here.

Most of the border is made up of some pretty inhospitable land.  Not something that is easy for even the most well prepared hiker to deal with.  But you have hundreds of people that are in worse shape than those hikers that try to make the crossing each year.  Many of them fall ill or die in the process.

The answer is not is not like the placing water barrels in the desert and providing the illegals with maps as the organization Humane Borders seems to think.  Or providing people with assistance to get across the borders.  The answer is to stop the flow of illegals across the border, then to promote and praise those that DO come over legally.  Make it something that they can be proud of doing.

I am not a hateful person.  I understand that there are some opportunities here that people might not find in other countries.  That is always what has set America aside as a great place to live.  I encourage all the people that want to share the dream to come to America and live it, embrace it and love it.  In spite of our downfalls and our present administration, we still have a lot to offer.

But as I said in the last part of the last post.  Do not think you can steal that dream.  It is an earned effort.  No matter how long you live here, if you have not sworn an oath to uphold the constitution of this country, to renounce your interest in the country of your origin in favor of this one, then you are not an American.  You never will be, and thus you are not going to share in the dream.  You are merely an intruder on, I hope, borrowed time.

Yet another commentary on the Arizona Immigration law…

I know…  I know… about this time most people are tired of hearing about Arizona.  But that is precisely why I decided to write this piece.

I am not trying to get in on the action and promote more traffic to my site by this, though I will have to admit that more traffic would be nice, but that is not why.

Personally, I agree with it.  I think that the law itself should be put into effect and the peace officers should carry out their orders.  I think that anyone that is stopped and questioned and refuses to produce ID (be they Hispanic, Iranian, Dutch, Congan, what ever…) should be detained until their ID and legal right to be in the US is established and then either let go or sent to the country of their origin.

This is not a Race issue.  If you are Mexican and you are here legally, then you should be proud to show it.  Whip out that ID and show us your Red, White and Blue.  But if you are here illegally, or not a naturalized citizen, and are not sporting a valid and current Work or Travel visa… then you need to go home.

Why is that so hard for you people fighting this law to understand.  Exactly how dense are you that you cannot see the reasoning behind this.  It is not just about SB1070, it is about a sovereign nation protecting it’s borders.  Nothing more that every other country, including Mexico, is trying to do itself.

So now a judge has placed an injunction on the key parts of SB1070 that make the most sense to uphold.  They are the sections that:

•  Require an officer make a reasonable attempt to determine the immigration status of a person stopped, detained or arrested if there’s reasonable suspicion they’re in the country illegally.

•  Makes it a crime if they fail to apply for or carry alien registration.

•  Makes it a criminal for illegal immigrants to ask for, apply for or do any form of work. (This does not include the section on day laborers.)

•  Allows for a warrant-less arrest of any person(s) where there is “probable cause to believe they have committed a public offense that makes them removable from the United States.”

The funny thing about this, for me, is that people are turning this into strictly a Racial thing.  Do you think that if Canadians were coming over the northern border in waves and getting government benefits and such, we would not be doing the same thing there?  The answer would be yes, we would.

It is not a racial thing… it has become a racial thing because that is what people WANT it to be and that is the quickest way for people to make headlines.  It is a racial thing because people respond when they think that you are picking on a minority.  But you are still not looking at it from the grand scale.

This is not about Arizona at all.  This is about the fact that we have a southern border that is about as porous as a fishing net.  People come and go through it on a regular basis.  US Border Patrol, G-d bless them all, are not able to do their jobs because of what might happen.

Granted, there are examples of things gone horribly wrong.  Take for example the recent shooting at the border of Sergio Adrian Hernandez Huereca.  This was tragic, but it is not the norm.  Accidents happen, and when you place people in situations like this, where there is a potential for violence, then the chances of injuries increases.  In this case, an American acted foolishly as the result of a Mexican acting equally foolish… maybe more.

Another thing that I find funny about these arguments is that while so many Americans are up in arms about SB1070, it seems that none of them have really commented on the Mexican government’s OWN laws toward immigrants… illegal or otherwise.  Their rules and laws towards both legal and illegal immigration are much stricter than are ours.  Yet Filepe Calderon, the president of Mexico and the person who, a few years ago, stated that “wherever there is a Mexican, there is Mexico.”, has the Gaul to come here and tell us what we are doing wrong?

For examples of what you have to go through in Mexico, as an immigrant, please check out some of the links below.  These are not my work, but I list the parent site and give credit where possible.

From the Rosen Law web site – Click Here

From Michelle Malkin’s web site – Click here

From the Human Rights web site – Click Here

Why is it that if Calderon can come to the US and chastise us for our immigration policy, that we cannot send Obama to Mexico and have him complain about why you and I cannot run across the border and take up some of those jobs that He sent down there?  Is it OK for Mexico to display such obvious racism towards Americans, by protecting their country from us, among other countries, but somehow it is a cardinal sin for us to protect our border?

People… Please… stop playing this as a racist thing.  Sure, there are those out there that make it racist, but they are not the majority.

If you want the American dream, do not steal it.  Earn it.

Let’s Play… USA!

There are probably not too many of you out there that will get the title of this post.  You have to have a strange taste in music like I do and have listened to those odd groups from the 80’s.

There was an artist by the name of Peter Schilling, a German singer, who’s only real popular hit in America was a song titled “Major Tom” of the album “Error in the System“.

The song, “Let’s Play, USA” was a commentary on how he saw American life.  In this song, there is a courus that keeps repeating:

Let’s play USA
Let’s play USA

How I love the life I lead
Cannot think and cannot read
Watch our values slip away
Play the game of USA

While Peter may have thought poorly of the government at the time, this statement is more true not than it ever was in the 1980’s.

Looking at the way the country is going… the direction that it is heading, there is no doubt in my mind that today, there is an error in the system here.  When the government shells out billions upon billions of dollars to companies like AIG, who then pay their executives bonus’ to the tune of $165mil, then there is a problem.  While it looks as though much of this money might be given back, it is still money that should not have been given to AIG to begin with.

Personally I would be interested in seeing if there are grounds for a Class Action case like “The American Tax-Payers vs. AIG”.  Granted, we would not get a lot of money, if any, but it would be on PRINCIPAL.

History show us that simply throwing money at a problem does not fix it.  Likewise, simply throwing money, as this new administration seems intent on doing, at the financial issues presently plaguing America is not going to help, not when in order to do so you are taking the money out in the form of a mortgage against the future of the nation.

I am not a financial expert… but I do understand on how to, and not to, stay solvent.  If I keep borrowing money to pay my bills, there will come a time that the interest and payments on the money I am borrowing will exceed that which I am able to pay back.  That is called Bankruptcy.  That is where we are heading if our administration is allowed to keep sending out these so called “Stimulus Packages.”

Thanks for your time.

Rick Santelli is my hero…

Yesterday I heard something great.  Something that is what so many of us wanted to say since Chairman / Citizen Obama bought the whitehouse.

Rick Santelli, of whom I have only heard bits and pieces about over the last couple years, launched into a tirade on national television.  His topic was nothing more than what every NORMAL US citizen is thinking about right now regarding this housing fiasco and CBO’s Gang’s decision to bail out all the people that may end up losing their homes, who should have never been able to buy homes in the first place.

For those of you who were not lucky enough to see this speech of his, I am including a link HERE.  You have ABSO-FRICKEN-LUTELY got to watch this.

Rick is my new favorite celeb!

We need more people out there to stir the pot like this guy is doing.  More people need to start getting passionate about what is happening in this country and helping to stop this administation from “Sharing the Wealth.”

The trials of a would-be Messiah

One of the greatest things that any potential messiah has to overcome is the ability to not be overshadowed by that which is expected of him.  In days of old, it was common for people that were not able to prove their divinity to be taken out and stoned… and no, I do not mean they were taken out and forced to drink great quantities of liquer or smoke dope.

These days, however, people are always touting themselves as divine.  Take your pick… Jim Jones, David koresh, etc… The problem is that now adays, no one buys it anyway.  Chances are that if there really is a “Second Coming”, the person will be commited and shortly thereafter put on a heavy prescription or lobotomized.

All that being said, I offer for your consideration this train of thought suggesting that Citizen Obama is some sort of Messiah or spiritual figure.  You can see such suggestions on sites like the following:

“Is Barack Obama the Messaiah”

Reading through this site, I am not sure if the writer is poking fun at the thought that CBO is being cast in this light, or if he seriously thinks that this is the case.

My point and the reason for my writing this piece, is not to defrock CBO, not to pop the bubbles of all those zealots out there that wish to follow in the wake of his (potential) Holiness Citizen Barack Obama to whatever cup of Kool Aid he may be serving them.  But to offer a warning to anyone, including Barack, who might actually start believing this tripe.

When people put someone on a pedistal the way they have CBO, something happens that it potentially very dangerous.  That is that there is a great deal of hope and expectation.  There is a lot riding on his ability to succeed here, and people are already casting him as some end-all-be-all for the woes and troubles of America.  What happens if he does not succeed, which I suspect will be the case?  Will CBO be able to live up to all the expectations that others have for him?  Will he be able to walk up to the sea of red tape that is our political system and raise his hands and part the two sides of the house and the senate and cause bills to be passed?  Can he envoke some modern version of the twelve plauges on those that defy his will?

OK… I digress.  The point is that he has a lot of things that are expected of him that he will, more than likely, not achieve.  If people out there truly feel this way about him, then for that I actually feel sorry for him, because he has no way to win… it is a no-win scenario.

As for if he is all that people expect him to be, I am not worrying about that either… because not being a Christian, I am screwed anyway.  But if Ted Kennedy is still drinking, then CBO is going to be his new best friend, never have to pay for another drink again as long as he brings the water.

Obama and the military

If there was ever any question about where our new President stands on the military, consider it answered as of 21 Jan (I am writing this on the morning of 22 Jan.)

Opting to make appearances at all the balls that had the big names in attendance, where the stars and celebs were going to be, he made it perfectly clear that his best intentions where not to the true Heroes of America, but to the Heroes of his pocket book and the people that he has prostituted himself to for the last two years.

Citizen Obama chose to not attend a ceremony that has been part of the presidential inaugural tour since Dwight Eisenhower.  A Ball that honored the recipients of the Medal of Honor.  This is not just a medal, this is given to those that have done something extraordinary in the service of the country and, in some cases, gave all for the country.  This is a ceremony, by which attending, the president pays his respect and honors all those who have earned the right to wear it.

Citizen Obama chose, instead, to shun all those Heroes and visit those that HE probably considers heroes.  Those would be the people that added the most to his campaign fund and helped him get to where he is.  He does not seem to have any respect to those who have given as much as their lives in the name of his right to become President.

Maybe I am expecting too much.  But if this is any sign of what we can expect from Obama, then this presidency is off to a poor start.  It will be interesting to see exactly how many other traditions that he scorns, shuns or otherwise ignores.

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