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Why do I no longer discuss politics

Someone once asked me why I no longer talk about politics on my site.


Talking about politics, anymore, is like people talking about their children, and face it, if you have kids you know what I mean and you are probably guilty of what I am talking about.

People always like to talk about their children.  It does not matter how good they are, bad they are, what they have accomplished, or not.  If they are a social deviant at nine or a rhodes scholar at five.  People will always talk about their children and they usually, most of the time, do so with the highest of praise.

Same is so with people and their personal choice of politicians.  They will espouse the wonders of Bernie, or the integrity and beauty of Hillary, or the sinserity and diplomacy of Trump or the fun wit and wisdom of Biden.  They will, seemingly, have their own stories of their personal favorite politician and they respective Quixotic aspirations of the perfect world for the rest of us.

And you know what?  It’s all BS.

I have politicians I like.  I have people I vote for.  But I am not talking about them, I am very reserved when it comes to that.  Voting is like wiping your ass.  Everyone has to or should do it, and as often as is needed, but don’t go sharing the process with others and don’t talk about how yours is better than everyone else’s.

Political talk almost always leads to arguments or dislike.  It almost always adds a level of foulness to a conversation that is hard to get over or through.

So yeah… I don’t do politics here.

Get over it.

Is this the best money can buy?

I have been trying to not post political articles, I really have.  I have grown to really hate politics over the last few years.  It is not because I do not enjoy the discussion of politics, but because there has been no “side” to take recently.

I look that the people that call themselves candidates for the GOP, and the only thing that I really have to ask is, “Is this the best our money is buying?”  I mean, you listen to these jokers talking and “debating”, and you start to get the feeling that the GOP is purposely throwing their chances in the race.  That they are not really serious about TRYING to win.

I have not seen what the Democrats have to offer yet, and frankly, I am not looking forward to it.  Because with what the GOP is offering this go around, I am pretty sure that the only way the Dems will lose is if they go out and nominate Courtney Love, and even in that case, I think she would have a fighting chance, from what I have seen.

Maybe I am just naive or jaded.  I still think that the person who runs for the office should be motivated to be there by something other than popularity or money.  They should be there for the sole purpose of making the nation better.  Too often, especially during Obama’s run, I hear people talk about how he has his “Legacy” to think about.

I think that if a person goes into any undertaking thinking about their legacy first, then they are not worried about anything other than looking good to begin with.  They are not interested in taking chances on unpopular decisions.  They are not willing to go out on a limb to piss people off, even their own people in their own party.

Maybe I will end up being wrong.  Maybe this will end up being a great year for politics, but about the only way I see that happening now is if there is a miracle and we have a powerful figure step up as a “Third Party Candidate”.  If the third party ever had a chance, it is going to be this time around.

We shall see.

As always, thanks for reading.

IRS and your Healthcare – Strange Bedfellows


When you sit down and think of organizations within the federal government that are run smoothly and efficiently, not many really come to your mind, or at least not many come to the mind of most of us.

Now… if I told you that the IRS is going to be the watchdog for the new health care system that Chairman Obama and his lackeys want to put into effect, the first thing you should be thinking is something along the lines of: “WTF?  The IRS?”

But, unfortunately, this is not a joke.  As you will see in the links I will provide at the end of this piece, the proposals in play right now have the IRS playing a key roll in determining who has health care, who does not and if the health care you have is “adequate”, going so far as to use their own determination as to what “adequate” means.

They, the IRS, will also be responsible for levying fines if you are determined to not have the right or enough health insurance, at least enough by their standards.

Do we REALLY want an organization as top heavy as the IRS already is to be put in the position of being the official Obamacare Gestapo?  People that already have too much to do with your income right now to also have their feet dipped into what kind of medical coverage that you do or do not have?

I would say no.  A BIG freaking no!

Here are the links:

From the Washington Examiner

From the Marketplace Public Radio

From USA Today


No promises… no guaranties…

When I was growing up, I was never led to believe that anything would just be handed to me.  I never had any suspicion that I was “OWED” anything other than the support and love of my family.

As I grew, I learned that while my family was there for me, I was no longer “entitled” to anything that I did not work for.  Unlike when I was younger, I now had to start working for things.  Any allowance that I received was based on what I did to help around the house.  If I chose not to help around the house, doing things like washing dishes, cleaning up, doing laundry, running errands, then I simply did not get any money.  Just like a real job.  Cleaning my own room never counted, as it was one of those things that I was supposed to keep clean on my own.

When I got my first job, mowing lawns for a couple friends of the family, my Mother began charging me a “rent” of sorts.  It only worked out to be about 20% of what I made mowing, but it was enough for me to learn that when I earn a paycheck, it is not all mine.  The same held true when I started my first REAL job, working for a company called GEMCO.  I had, at this point, learned that I needed to keep aside a portion of my pay for rent.  Granted… I did not enjoy it, but I learned long before I went out on my own that I needed to do this.

This philosophy that my mother instilled in me translated very well into my adult life.  I had no misunderstandings when I first went into the workforce, I knew that I had to work for my pay.  I expected no special favors or handouts.  If someone gave me a second chance on something I failed at, it was because they wanted to, not because they owed it to me.  If I was promoted, it was because I had worked for it.

So… Why is it that today, more and more, I see people that think that they are owed something simply by showing up or by being alive?  There seems to be this attitude that no matter what they have or have not done, they expect to make top dollar and not have to work that hard to do it.

When I watch people on TV, or hear people of the radio, that say things like “The government owes this to me.” or when I hear people say that they are upset because their welfare ran out and the government owes that to them, I am truly perplexed.

It amazes me that people have somehow grown to this opinion that anyone owes them something, when they have, in many cases, done nothing to work for it.  Yes, an employer owes you a paycheck and a safe place to work if you are working for them and doing your job well.  If you are not doing your job well, then they would owe you a warning or two, and then, if you do not clean up your act, they would owe you a pink slip and an escort out the door.  It return, you owe your boss a good day’s work with some decent level of productivity.  That is it, nothing else.  If you lose your job through no control of your own, the state owes you a certain period of unemployment, you pay into that, so that also, within reason, is owed to you.

I do not deny that things are different now than they were twenty or more years ago.  People rarely find a job that they will spend the rest of their lives with, as was once the case.  But the point is that when you go to work for a person or company, while you are there, you should still give the best you can.  For that and ONLY that, you are owed a paycheck and whatever other benefits you are provided.

If you recieve public assistance (Welfare, WIC, etc…), then do not… EVER… think that you are “owed” that.  Yes, there may be a very valid reason you are on public assistance, and it may or may not be entirely your fault for having to use it.  But if you are able bodied or so much so that you can still work, and are not making a concerted effort to get off of assistance, then you are owed nothing.

Before you come down on me for my opinion on this, you need to know that I am no stranger to public assistance.  When my mother and I first moved to Bakersfield back in 1974, she had no job and the little that she was getting for child support for me was not enough to pay the rent let alone pay for a full month’s food for us.  So she applied for and got both food stamps and welfare.  But she was going out on a regular basis and looking for work, and after a couple smaller jobs and the birth of my brother, she eventually, ironically enough, started working for the Department of Health and Human Services… the “Welfare Department”.  So she used the system the way it was supposed to be used, to get back up on her feet again.

It was partially because of growing up with a history of welfare that I have always chose not to use any public assistance.  There was only even one period in my life that I used my Unemployment Benefits.  Even though that IS something that we pay into, I am still hesitant to use it.

I understand that there is nothing wrong with getting something for free from time to time or having something gifted to you.  But I do not expect it.  Likewise people should not expect that anything is going to be given to them.  No one should think that they are entitled to that which they did not earn through hard work.  Anything you get through the course of your life should be earned otherwise there is no incentive to apply effort to do better.

If you are a person who sees yourself as a “giver”, then understand that you are a noble person… I will not say that you are doing wrong by committing the act of giving, but I will say that you should make sure that you are giving to the right people and for the right reason.  Do not give to those that do not need it and do not give for the sake of making yourself look good to those around you.  Give to the ones that are really needing it and give because it feels right in your heart.

If you are a “Taker”… one of those people that feels that simply by being born and living in the United States, you are owed something with no effort or desire to work for it on your own and there is no correctable physical or mental reason why you cannot be out there earning a paycheck, then you should be ashamed of yourself.  You are a good part of what is wrong with the United States and, more than likely, part of the reason we ended up with Mr. Obama as a president.




Happy New Year!

Can you believe it?


I can remember being a kid and thinking how far away that sounded.  Thinking that I would be 41 years old and then thinking; “Man, that is old.”

Then, quite suddenly, I was 41 and then, almost as suddenly, I was wishing everyone Happy 2010.

Can you remember all the things that we were supposed to have accomplished by this year?  All the advances that we were supposed to have made by now.

Instead we go into 2010 with a bad economy… a president that seems hell bent on suffocating the very system that got him elected and screwing the rest of us in his personal quest for a universal medical coverage program that a growing majority of Americans are objecting to.

I sincerely hope that this year ends better than it is beginning, and that come November, the PEOPLE stand up and take back THEIR country from these hacks.


Mr. Obama’s statement regarding the Christmas day Terrorism Attempt

I just listened to Mr. Obama’s statement regarding the attempted terror attack.

Funny… without digging up the recording from George Bush and going strictly from memory, does his goal not sound similar to both George Bush’s and Bill Clinton’s resolve to flush out and hunt down the people who perpetrated both the 1993 WTC terror attack and the 9/11 terror attack?


Just sayin’.

Mr. Obama… you do NOT speak for me…

Mr. Obama…  You have spent a great deal of time throughout the first year of your duties as the alleged “Commander in Chief” visiting countries and throwing us, the United States, on the sword for whoever would listen.  But I have a few things I would like to share with you and anyone that cares to read this.

My “Am Not’s” and “Do Not’s”.

I am not sorry that we used “persuasive” measures to obtain information from combatants and non-combatant sympathizers during times of conflict (war or police action) in which the lives of other Americans and the lives of our allies is at risk.

I am not sorry that we went into the European and Pacific theaters in World War II and kicked ass.  There are many men and women, Americans and otherwise, that were injured or gave their lives to protect what we were fighting for.  Imagine what would have happened if we had chosen to sit it out? I am sure that even you, Mr. Obama, would agree with me, so do not presume to apologize for what they did with honor.

I am not sorry about what you refer to as American arrogance; I think perhaps you might be thinking, instead of our PRIDE, while some would suggest that this is a “deadly sin”, I disagree. We are a truly great country, capable of great things and have accomplished great thing in spite of what you are trying to do to it and what you are trying to educate us and others regarding it.

I do not apologize for those faults that we DO have.  Ever person, every country and every culture has faults, what we learn from those faults are what make us better people.  Every mistake makes us stronger and smarter and more prepared for our next challenge.  It is not your place to travel the world, advertising our failures and apologizing for them.

I do not apologize for my personal stance against those that practice Radical Islam… a stance that I share with many people, even friends of mine that are also Muslim and do not support the efforts of these radicals that give other Muslims and practitioners of Islam a bad name and make life hard on them. <Link> There are enough other reasons out there to hate one another and while I will admit that the Radical Islamic movement has me concerned, I work each day to know that there is a difference between the two.

I do not apologize for America “Dictating Terms” when we have been asked to go in and help in countries that have asked for our help or in cases where we have gone in and provided assistance even when we were not asked but the situation required intervention on our part.  Terms control what happens after the troops and diplomats have gone home, they are a way of making sure that we were not wasting our efforts.

I do not apologize for slavery…  I’ve never owned a slave nor have I ever had a desire to do so… though I would like to hire a house-keeper to come in once or twice a month.  Yes, slavery was a black mark in our history, but it is nothing new and certainly nothing strictly Euro/American.  In fact, you will find that the black slave trade was in effect IN Africa itself before the white man started exploiting it.  There are still stories of people being sold into servitude in that country to this day.  Does that make the Euro/American participation right? Of course not! But I will not apologize for that which I had no control over, nor should you, on my behalf.

I am not sorry for the United States’ policies towards other countries in the Americas.  We are a sovereign nation; we have the right to protect our borders and to make sure that our neighbors are not acting in ways that cause harm to this great nation.  This requires us to take a strong stance to defend our borders and our policies against those that would do wrong by us.  Mexico cannot and appears unwilling to even try to keep their own people and illegal drugs from crossing into our country, yet if we try to stop it, those that are trained and assigned to do the job are taken to task for it, just look at Officers Ramos and Compean.

We treat countries with respect when they act in such a way that deserves it.  When dignitaries like President Calderon of Mexico and “President” Chavez of Venezuela, among others, start acting like they respect the policies and sovereignty of the United States… THEN, we can begin to ease our policies towards them.



Kick them all out!

Why did you vote in the last election?

Who did you vote for?

Are you one of those people that voted for a person because you saw that they were on television more than the other guy, or because you thought “I heard that name before, I will vote for them.”?

Do you know what you are expecting to gain when you place that vote for the person you selected?

I think that too many of you out there… and yes, I am pointing at you and us… vote as “Lazy Voters”.  We rush to the polls, sometimes at the last minute, do not really THINK about who we are going to vote for, or do think, but only in the sense that you are asking yourself, “Who was that guy that was on TV last night.” or “Who was it my Union foreman told me I was voting for?”

Face it… we, all of us, have gotten ourselves into a little bind.  We have politicians that, for the most part, are idiots.

With rare exception anymore, they are acting in their own best interest, not in the interest of those that elected them.  They spend so much time planning on how they are going to win their next election, or how to get that book deal, or who they are going to try to pin their next failure on, that they are not actually doing their jobs.  The ones we elected them and are paying them to do.


If these last election years have proven anything, it is that we need to become SMARTER voters.  We cannot vote with passion, pride, ignorance or prejudice any more.  That is the thing that put our current band of idiots in office.  Yes… that includes the biggest of them all… Citizen Obama.  You see… people voted for him NOT because of his successful history as a leader.  Not because of the long list of economic contributions that he has made to this country.  Not because of his ironclad grasp on foreign affairs and policy.  They voted for him because they got caught up in the hype.

People saw him as this prophet for change.  As some knight in shining armor that was going to come riding in and save the day.  But the problem is that one he was in, that “DAY” kept getting pushed further and further back.  People voted for a Black man… not a politician… a poor one at that.  They voted for what they THOUGHT was an ideal and a bunch of pretty promises and not for the facts.

I was almost part of that wave… until I read his books.  In his own words I learned where he was going and what he wanted long before he committed to running for office.  “Audacity of Hope” actually tells the tail pretty well, if you take the time to read and really pay attention to what he is telling you.

So this is my point.  You need to learn about who and what you are voting for, before you actually go into that polling station.  If you are not intimately familiar with the item or person you are voting for, then stay out of the booth.  If you are rushing to get your vote in and you have not had time to read or learn about what you are going to vote for… just forget it and go home.

If you are not an informed voter, then you just need to not vote.  I do not want your vote and neither does the rest of the country.  Voting without understanding is silly.  Do not listen to the commercials or radio spots for politicians… or listen, but under stand that all you are hearing is them telling you what you want to hear.  They are playing into your weakness as a human.  We all want to hear good news, we are all susceptible to being led or encouraged to follow a certain path.  Television commercials and radio spots will use audio and video stimuli to coax you into voting for the person that it paying for it… many times playing on your gullibility.

So my message here is not a hard one to figure out.  Take the time and read about the item or person that you are voting for.  Learn what the heck will happen if you vote one way or another.

If voting for a person, PLEASE take the time to look at the background of that person.  If they held previous offices, look at their voting record.  If more people had done that a little over a year ago, we might not have Citizen Obama in officer right now.  If you are voting for anything other than a person, then look at the text carefully.  Most places will give you a “Pros and Cons” section where they will tell you what will happen if the item is passed or fails.

You see…  it all boils down to one important fact.  Elected officials work for us.  WE are their employers.  WE pay their salaries.  WE have the power to hire and, YES, fire them.  These are things that I think we are forgetting and if we do not wake up and start using these powers as their employers, then one day… maybe not that long from now, we might lose them.

If you want to learn more, you need to visit this site.

Ask always… I thank you for your time.


First off, let me apologize to those of you that might be regular readers.  I have been lazy lately and have not posted anything for some time.  While I would love to have a better excuse, like the Obama administration kidnapped me and attempted to brainwash me into being “Samurai the Insane for Obama”, I cannot and must admit that I have been nothing more than a lazy person these few weeks.

Now… that being said, I would like to touch a little on the amazing events over this last weekend.

In spite of the many people that said that the Tea Party movement was just a passing fad and would, through time, fade away, the turn out in Washington DC this last Saturday went a long way to dispel that thought.

With number varying from tens of thousands to a reported two million, depending on which news agency you read and what party they want their news to promote, it was apparent, at least to me, that the Tea Party movement is alive and well.  It is also apparent that this movement crosses party lines, as my wife and I found out when when went to the local “Tax Day Tea Party” here in Bakersfield back in April.

Through my wanderings at that event and talking to the various people, I found more than a handful of Democrats, a couple fellow Independents, a couple Greens and even one person that identified themselves as a American Socialist Worker.  Now… I must tell you that this would not count as a legitimate poll of the people at the party I went to, as I was not there to interview people, I just happened to start talking to some of the people and this is the information that I gleaned from them.

Now… I am not an activist, in fact I might be considered the furthest thing from it.  I am more content to read about what is happening and then write about it, but there is something to this Tea Party movement.  This last weekend has proven that they, or should I say we, are not going to fade away.

You see… people seem to be just now remembering that the strongest part of the US government is not the President, Senate, Congress or any other body therein.  They are waking up to the fact that the strongest part of the US government is you and me.  It is about “We the people” and our government “…of the people, by the people, for the people…” and not about the people who sit in office and write agenda based on their own needs and wants.

Now… I do not dislike Obama… I have always said that and I would even go so far as to say that somewhere deep in his mind, he might honestly think that his plans are good for the United States.  I cannot think that any person that considers themselves even remotely capable of running the country could intentionally set about to hurt the country.  But I hope that he and his cohorts in office with him are smart enough to see the reactions that his moves have provoked.

I hope that there are more Tea Parties… I hope that this is a sign that more people are going to start getting active in the direction that their government is going.  I do not limit that statement to just the people whose beliefs match my own, but to everyone.  If you have a belief that you support, stand up for it.  Let people know.  Don’t sit idly by and hope that someone else might say something, because there may be thousands of people out there waiting for one to step forward and lead the charge.

If we all become more active in our government and the actions it takes, then maybe they will start paying more attention to what they are doing and if it is for the people or for themselves.

As always… thank you for your time.

Is America watching?

There is no denying that the elections in Iran and the controversy surrounding them have the attention of the world focused on that country.  We may be witnessing a monumental moment in the development of the middle east, depending on the results of the riots and the upheaval.

To say that rigging the vote is not out of the question for someone like Ahmadinejad is foolish.  Here we are talking about a man, who each time he opens his mouth utters nothing but nonsense.  He seems to live for the effort of generally pissing people off.  He denies that the Holocaust ever happened, in spite of the overwhelming proof that it did… putting him on the same standing as such intellectual giants as Louis Farakhan.  His opinion on the state of Israel alone demonstrates that he is probably no better than any other person that attests to the teachings of people like Hitler, Wagner and Voltaire.
Is there any doubt that there is no place in a position of power for people like Ahmadinejad and his ilk?  More, he and they represents a anachronism, a class of leader or leadership that should be put out to pasture, or retired.  There is no place in the world for people like this.  The world has become too small for so much hate, and if there is going to be any chance to develop ongoing peaceful relations with the middle east for the US or any country, Ahmadinejad and leaders like him need to be deposed and sent away.

I am very interested in the turning of events right now in Iran for several reason.  Most importantly of these are the effect that the upheaval and it’s success or failure will have on the surrounding countries or the region and the fact that the next leader of Iran will help determine the United States’ policies for that region.  In spite of Obama’s promise to entertain communications with all foreign leaders, I have to think that not even he will be so bold as to enter into any serious talks with this idiot.

I do understand that the middle eastern culture and the US culture differ greatly, so I will not pretend that our way of life should mirror theirs in any way other that what they desire it to.  But there is no way that when so many people are rising against you, as a leader, you cannot see that you are screwing something up somewhere or somehow.

Ahmadinejad… Step down.

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