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Victims of the economic storm…

There are many people out there feeling the pinch from the current economic woes that are abound… but it takes on a different feel and favor (pun intended) when it strikes particularly close to home.

On 31 Dec, 2007, Central California Steak and Hogie, here in Bakersfield, closed it’s doors citing a poor summer due to the rise in fuel prices that trickled down to them in the purchase of their food and the fact that they refused to raise their prices to the point that it would drive away their customers.

They had a very good following, including yours truly. I went to this place almost every day for lunch since the day that they opened their doors and considered everyone that worked there to be a good friend.

Alex and Paul, the owners and their employees; Kaylee and Chad, were all great people to be around and the chemistry between them and Alex and Paul, was a working relationship that I truly envied.

When Paul and Alex told me that they were closing, it was like a punch in the gut… I genuinely felt pain for them. I have seen enough of my own dreams fade before they have gotten off the ground, I can only guess how much it hurt them to watch a dream fail, through no fault of their own that I can tell, when it has already bloomed.

I wish all of them the very best of luck in what ever their next efforts are.

What’s the worst that could happen?

OK… So this is an open question to any readers out there that stumle upon my site or those whom are regular readers of mine.

It looks like the Bail Out package is not fairing well…  So my question to you all is this:

Should the Bail-Out package NOT pass, what is the worst that could happen?  How bad could it really get?

I am not a financially minded person, so the question is a serious one and I would really like to see the answers that you might have.

In addition to your writen answer, please take the time to use my new polling feature.

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News of upcoming changes…

Greetings all…

At the suggestion of a co-worker, I have decided to once again look into creating a Forum.  My past experience with doing this has been precarious at best.  The last one I used was hacked so many times I just gave up.

Well… recently the same people that created WordPress, the software company I am using now for this Blog, released their own Forum package that I am in the process of installing.  I should be ready for testing, yes… that means you folks…  on Friday.  Yes, I chose Friday the 13th, because there is something poetic about that.

Stay Tuned…  This Friday, same Bat-Channel same Bat-Time!!!

“The rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated…”

I would like to start by thanking the great Samuel Clemens for the above comment. I figured that since it has been a while since my last post, that I would borrow some of his work for my explanation.

Nope… Cannot think of anything else to add to that.

I do apologize for the lack of anything smart in the way of posts recently. The company I work for has been in the process of a migration from Novell to Active Directory, and it has been a little taxing.

The is a lot for me to talk to you all about, and I have a few things I am working on, but they will have to wait a little longer.

Thanks to you all for hanging in there.


Hi there…

This is my second attempt at a blog… I hope that you find some interesting reading here, though I want to warn you. When I go off on an issue, I do not make any attempt to hide my frustration or gloss things.

If you read something and I offend you, then you are offended… no apologies, that is just something you have to live with. Comment all you want… that is your right, but I reserve my right to tell it how I see it.

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