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Clifford Lee Ayers – The loss of a great man.

On 24 November, 2019, we lost Clifford Lee Ayers. He went to meet his maker, joined the Choir Invisible, or Shuffled off this mortal coil, as many of us Pythonites might say. I say all that in humor, because I fully believe that he would be laughing with me about it.

Cliff, or Pop as I always called him, was not anyone special or fantastic in a global sense. He did not win any major awards, there will never be a statue or plaque erected in his honor. His passing was quiet, peaceful, without event.

But let me tell you about my experience with the man…

In the late 1980s, when I started dating the woman that would become my wife, I remember the first time I met Pop. He was not easy on me. He was kind, but he was critical of me, as any good father should be. He took apart my dreams and thoughts for the future and was quick to make me second guess everything, many times making me feel foolish for some of the dreams I had.

Sometimes he would have me help him around the yard or, a fond memory now, but not so much back then, he would drive me out to the almond orchards with him and have me help cut down dead trees to take home for use as firewood. Only catch was that while he would use a chainsaw, he would have me use a manual saw.

As the years went on, and he saw that in spite of his tests and trials I was in for the long haul, he started going easier on me. We started doing things together and, through the years, I grew closer to him that I had ever been with my own father.

Clifford, Pop, became an important part of my life, someone I could talk to when I needed to have a ‘Guy Talk’ with someone and eventually he even started talking to me as someone he could confide in.

I learned a lot from Pop, he was an inspirational part of my life, I loved him as much as, possibly more than, I loved my own, biological, father.

He will be sorely missed and I can say with honesty that my life is better for his presence in it.

Godspeed Dad… I love you and miss you.

The passing of a radio legend… “Good Day”

Over the weekend, the world lost a true radio legend.

Paul Harvey was a radio fixture for several decades.  He was always a pleasure to listen to and I could always count on him to make me feel better when there seemed to be nothing but bad news on the air that day.

I always saw Paul as being the a grandfather on radio, sort of charactor.  He was always there to give us a little reassurance in the bad times and make us feel a little better about ourselves and the world.  Rarely did he have anything negative to say about anyone, and he always kepts his politics in check.

I had the pleasure of meeting him once, if only for the briefest of moments, at the Bakersfield Business Conference many years ago.  He was shaking hands and I got in line to be one of those that had the pleasure.

I am not sure what life will be like without his voice in the mornings and for the lunch time show.  Yes, I am sure life will go on, but there will never be a replacement for him.  He will be missed.

To the Harvey family… You have the condolences of the Wright family.  Your loss is our loss, as it is a loss to the world.

Memorial Day

I would like to take this moment to honor of those who have fallen in the line of duty for our country.  It is important for me to stress that I not only include military men and women, but there were many civilian men and women that died for our country as well, and their loss should be no less important.

Unfortunately this holiday has turned into more of and excuse to have a three-day weekend than a memorial to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for the rest of us.

Remember, this day, that without those that have fought for our freedom and those who serve to protect us, we would not have all that we have today.

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