The passing of a radio legend… “Good Day”

Over the weekend, the world lost a true radio legend.

Paul Harvey was a radio fixture for several decades.  He was always a pleasure to listen to and I could always count on him to make me feel better when there seemed to be nothing but bad news on the air that day.

I always saw Paul as being the a grandfather on radio, sort of charactor.  He was always there to give us a little reassurance in the bad times and make us feel a little better about ourselves and the world.  Rarely did he have anything negative to say about anyone, and he always kepts his politics in check.

I had the pleasure of meeting him once, if only for the briefest of moments, at the Bakersfield Business Conference many years ago.  He was shaking hands and I got in line to be one of those that had the pleasure.

I am not sure what life will be like without his voice in the mornings and for the lunch time show.  Yes, I am sure life will go on, but there will never be a replacement for him.  He will be missed.

To the Harvey family… You have the condolences of the Wright family.  Your loss is our loss, as it is a loss to the world.

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