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It’s something that some people come by naturally. They never have to try to be happy, it’s just something that they are. I have known many people over my life that just seem to exude happiness. It’s in their voice, actions, composure, and the way they present themselves to others.

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash
Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

There are others, like me, that have to look for happy moments. There are times I feel like it’s a bad remake of an Indiana Jones film. Samurai and the Search for the Happy Moment. Or, as a mentor of mine used to like to say, “It’s like looking for a virgin in a whorehouse.”

That is not to say that I do not have happy moments. I do. But for someone like me, I need to try harder to see them since I seem to be prewired to not focus on them when they happen. It’s like the color spectrum that they are in is just out of my range. There are even times I need someone to point them out to me when they are there. Sort of like being that ONE guy who does not laugh at the joke because someone has to explain it to them.

Whatever or however you are wired, when you find those happy moments, you need to hold on to them. Hold onto them like your life depends on it. Wrap yourself around them like you are trying to stay on a bucking bull to win that gold belt buckle.

I have a few of these moments that I hold onto. When I held my son in my arms for the first time, my first kiss. The first time I kissed the woman, that would be my wife. A moment on the beach with a close friend watching the night sky and took long exposure pictures of the sea.

I think the thing is that it’s not so much that we remember the good times over the bad. It’s more that we need to decide which of the two are more important to hold on to. The painful, sad, or depressing memories are important in that they teach us something. You learn things you should not do or should do differently. But you should not dwell on them, as I am want to do more often than not. You should see them as an advisory, a build-in PSA.

But holding on to the good memories allows us to always have something that we can turn an inner eye to and smile. Like a hidden secret that only you have. You hold onto it and take it out when the going gets rough. Those are the moments those memories are important; while everyone else is stressing, I look back on one of them, and all those people see is me grinning.

So. After the last few weeks of posting sad and depression content, I thought I would change things up and post something that I hoped would be happy and motivational.

Be happy… find your happiness and hold it tight. Take it, Hold it, it’s yours to own. Embrace it, share it and run with it.

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