Risks of Illegal immigration…

Shortly after I finished the last piece on illegal immigration, it occurred to me that I forgot something important. While it is an established fact that illegal immigration does cause a burden on the resources of the state in which they have invaded as well as a burden on the country in whole.  There are … Read more

The US Oil industry

We are a funny lot, you know? I am not just pointing my finger at others, but I will include myself in this argument as well.  Because at one time, in the past, I also felt that there was too much oil exploitation in the US, that we were destroying the land with our rigs … Read more

What is Conservative? What is Liberal? What does it matter?

The other day a co-worker found out that I listen to Sean Hannity during the day while I am at work.  His first response was;  “You’re listening to Hannity all the time now, so now you’re not even going to pretend you’re an Independent anymore?” First off, this is not the first time someone has … Read more

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