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Changes to come


With the blessings of the Samurai, I have come up with some ideas that I will be rolling out on the site to help it out.

Without emasculating the SamuraiMarine style here, I would like to see if there are any women out there that read this site and if so, what they have in mind.  What they would like to see on this site.

So Ladies?   What do you have for me?

HMU, Girls!!!

Greets to the Samurites

Howdy lovelies…

I would like to introduce myself.

I am Deborah Razzner and I have been invited to take the reins as an administrator on this site.  I have been reading it a while and emailing with the Samurai himself for some time… so when he offered me this chance, I could not say no.

Well, I guess I could have, but where’s the fun in that.

So…  I am here now and you can expect to see me on here writing from time to time and I will be taking a role in reading emails and comments from the community at large.

Again… Thanks Samurai for inviting me and I look forward to many years joining in the fun!!!

SamuraiMarine News: The Guest Writer program has been eliminated

I mentioned that I was thinking about this about a year ago in the hopes that the three people I have listed as my Guest Writers would take the initiative and post something.

Alas… this never happened, so effective as of midnight… the program has gone away. If someone has something they would like submitted, then they are more than welcome to send it to me in an email and I will share it on this site, giving that person full credit for the item.


My Apologies to my readers…

Through a series of family health issues this last month, I was unable to keep up with my own schedule to put out the number of stories I wanted to.

I plan on catching back up with this now that everyone and everything is once again… alright.

More adventures in Masonry…

Me_Mason1In a past article, I shared with you how important being part of the Masons was to me.  The fact that it was a part of my family for a long time is only part of the reason, more importantly is the effect that groups like the Masons have on those around them.  Not just on a community level, but on a person to person level.

Being a Mason is not about uttering some phrases and hanging out with a group of people in your lodge, though that is an important part of the Craft.  It is about demonstrating that you are a person who represents all that is good and noble about Masonry.  That through your actions, through your attitude and through what you do for others, you are improving your life and the lives of others.  Thus you are exemplifying what it is to BE a Brother Mason.

Masonry is important to me not for what it can do for me, but for what tools, spiritually, emotionally and through the support of my fellow brethren, that let me help and support those around me.  This is something that I saw in my uncle when I was very young.  William Yelland, my Uncle, was a Mason’s Mason.  He lived the life and walked the walk.  He went to all the meetings and held various offices within the Lodges that he was a member of.  When he died, he was a 33rd degree Mason in the Scottish Rites.

My reason for writing this piece is because I see myself in the shadow of my Uncle.  I would like to think that he would be proud of me and because of that, I feel the need to carry on the family tradition to wear the regalia of a Mason.

The other reason I write this is because my lodge gave me the distinct Honor to appoint me to my first seat as an Officer of the Lodge.  I am now the Senior Steward for my lodge and while some may think this something trivial, I see this as the first step in what I hope to be a life’s work in Masonry.  Someone once told me that you get out of Masonry what you put into it.  I feel that I am going to get a lifetime of enjoyment and pride from my service in Masonry.

As always… thank you for your time.

Back from the nowhere…

OK… I have no excuse.  I have not written in almost a month and the only thing I can present as my defense is that I was lazy and that I have also been working very hard on a story that I am going to submit.  It is a work of fiction, but I am not sharing any details with anyone at this time.  If it gets printed, then I will share with you WHERE it is in print.

I am putting more efforts into this blog again and should be pumping out some stuff shortly.

Thanks for the readership and welcome to the new subscribers I have just noticed.

How did I do?

OK… so July was my first “Theme” month.  I have not tried that before and would like to know what you thought of it.  I would like to try different things from time to time and would like what ever input you, my readers, would like to give.

I am also thinking about doing a small video segment called “Cooking with the Samurai” in October, where I would like to cover some of my favorite dishes that I like to cook for the holidays.  I will have to warn you though.  My cooking style may not appeal to all.  I do not walk around the kitchen screaming at everyone, I do not have spiked and frosted hair, I am not cajun and I do not polish off two bottles of bourbon in the course of cooking a meal that only requires a cup of bourbon.

In fact…  the way I plan to do this is will very little video of me and lots of video of the food and some of the dogs, who like to think they are supervising the operation and will occasionally taste test for me.

This is all conjecture at this point.  I am checking the video equipment that I have and making sure that it will support what I intend to do.

Again… Your input is all ways welcome.

Thanks for your time.

200th Post

For some, this may not be important.  But this is my 200th article, so I decided to post it on Tax Day, so that I would make something nice out of an otherwise depressing day.

This is as the result of five years of Blogging now, starting from my little Blogger site hosted with Google, to the purchase of my first domain name, which is now pointing to this one.  I never expected that I would keep at it this long, really.  I was expecting that I would have gotten bored with it and then cast it off.

I cannot say that this has been exciting, it really has not been.  There have been several times I have had to motivate myself to write something, then there were other times, like now, when there has been a lot I have wanted to say.  I have no doubt that with the new administration in office now, I will have plenty to write about for some time.

There are some disappointments too… I would hope that after five years, I would have had more than 19 subscribers… and that more of you who do subscribe would interact more with the site.  You see, three quarters of the time spent on this blog are spent trying to draw in readers.  People that might find something that they like here… something in my writing that appeals to them and keeps them coming in.  So the lack of readership can only be attributed to my fault.. not that of the existing readers.

I still have high hopes for the site.  It really does not cost that much to run it per year, and in addition to being my place to talk with you and share my thoughts, dreams and ideas, it is also my window into the world.

I have learned more about politics, science and culture since I started running this blog than I have over the last fifteen years.  So you might say that the process of running this site is a developmental process for me in more ways that just the chatting kind.

I thank you all… my few readers, for your presence here, and I welcome all those that are yet to visit and maybe stay.


Blog appearance…

I have decided to revert the blog back to a simpler appearance.  While I liked the “Old West” feel of the old theme, it was apparent that this was slowing things down a bit.

So…  in an effort to make the site more appealing to those that may find it… I have opted for simplicity over beauty.


What is Conservative? What is Liberal? What does it matter?

The other day a co-worker found out that I listen to Sean Hannity during the day while I am at work.  His first response was;  “You’re listening to Hannity all the time now, so now you’re not even going to pretend you’re an Independent anymore?”

First off, this is not the first time someone has said something like this, people assume that when you listen to a certain type of music or a certain type of talk radio, that you are automatically a certain class or political persuasion of people.  Yet through that train of thought, at least for those that ask and are serious about the question, they do not realize exactly how ignorant they sound.  No offense to the asker listed above, since he is a reader.

The best part of understanding anything, is to be able to, objectively, listen to both sides of an argument and make a determination based on what both sides have to say and compare it to your own research.  I do this with everything I hear on the stations that I listen to.  For the record, the stations that I listen to are as follows: Sirius – Patriot 144, Sirius – POTUS 110 and Sirius – Left 146.

To be honest, the hardest one to listen to is Left 146.  These people are fawning and cooing all over the Obama administration like he is the best thing since sliced white bread (you may take that however you want.)  This station is like one long continuous squishy ObamaGasm, I usually feel like I need to get tested for an STD after listening for too long… ironically this is something that CBO will cover in his new Universal Healthcare.

As if things are not bad enough on their own, we feel the need to divide ourselves further by creating these petty “Gangs” of political rivals whose only goal in life is to squabble over how to run the government instead of actually RUNNING the Government, like a poorly made remake of “West Side Story” with the rival gangs dancing up and down the streets getting nothing more done than producing their own CO2 atmosphere.

Look at the government the way it is now, and look at the achievements that have been made by it over the last several years, say about the last twenty years.  In fact, in my opinion, the last good president we had was Reagan… not to mention that he was my Boss for a short period of time.  There are many out there that will debate this fact, but look at the history and what he accomplished in the disastrous wake of the Carter administration.

I am not opening this post up for debate or argument on the effectiveness on presidents of the past, however I am going to bring into question the effectiveness of the current political parties that are in power.

If the next four year pass the way I expect them to, I feel that we are going to truly see what little value there is in a single party “running the show”, so to say.  If CBO and his team accomplish nothing ver the next four years, then who will they have to blame?  The Dems control the house and the senate, there will be no one to blame but themselves.

That being said, you might ask; “‘Samurai… are you saying that the Republicans would do better?”  And to that I would answer a resounding NO!!!  The Dems and the Reps have made a special point of demonstrating their uselessness over the last fifteen years or so.  If there has ever been a better time for a Third party to come in, like the proverbial knight in shinning armour on his (or her) white steed, then it is now.

There are unfortunately few “Third” parties that would even have a chance to do anything, and among these would be the two more powerful… the Libertarian and Independent parties.  Both of whom I respect a great deal, and the reason for which I abandon the sinking ship of the Republican party and boarded the smaller, but better staffed, Independent Party.

I would ask that anyone reading this, take the time to look at the reason they belong to the party that they chose and learn about it and why you are part of it.  Have they done everything that you think they should of or are you simply staying on with them because you think it is the right thing to do.  If you can look at the recent history of their ACCOMPLISHMENTS, not what they SAID they would do, but what they DID… and say that you are proud of them and what they stand for, then by all means… stay with them.  But if you cannot accept that they have made their decisions based on your desires, or if they do not stand for what you believe in, then for G-d’s sake, leave them behind!!!

You may think you are only one person, but every movement starts with one person.  Maybe if the Dems and the Reps see people leaving them in record numbers, then they will realize that they are making mistakes.  I feel that the only reason that they get away with half the stuff they get away with is because of the complacency of us, the people that put them in power in the first place.

Thank you for your time.

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