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New Bailout Mascot

Credit for image to the site linked to this picture.

Credit for image to the site linked to this picture.

I saw this image on another site… Please follow the link for the main site that is hosting the picture, but this says it best.

The trials of a would-be Messiah

One of the greatest things that any potential messiah has to overcome is the ability to not be overshadowed by that which is expected of him.  In days of old, it was common for people that were not able to prove their divinity to be taken out and stoned… and no, I do not mean they were taken out and forced to drink great quantities of liquer or smoke dope.

These days, however, people are always touting themselves as divine.  Take your pick… Jim Jones, David koresh, etc… The problem is that now adays, no one buys it anyway.  Chances are that if there really is a “Second Coming”, the person will be commited and shortly thereafter put on a heavy prescription or lobotomized.

All that being said, I offer for your consideration this train of thought suggesting that Citizen Obama is some sort of Messiah or spiritual figure.  You can see such suggestions on sites like the following:

“Is Barack Obama the Messaiah”

Reading through this site, I am not sure if the writer is poking fun at the thought that CBO is being cast in this light, or if he seriously thinks that this is the case.

My point and the reason for my writing this piece, is not to defrock CBO, not to pop the bubbles of all those zealots out there that wish to follow in the wake of his (potential) Holiness Citizen Barack Obama to whatever cup of Kool Aid he may be serving them.  But to offer a warning to anyone, including Barack, who might actually start believing this tripe.

When people put someone on a pedistal the way they have CBO, something happens that it potentially very dangerous.  That is that there is a great deal of hope and expectation.  There is a lot riding on his ability to succeed here, and people are already casting him as some end-all-be-all for the woes and troubles of America.  What happens if he does not succeed, which I suspect will be the case?  Will CBO be able to live up to all the expectations that others have for him?  Will he be able to walk up to the sea of red tape that is our political system and raise his hands and part the two sides of the house and the senate and cause bills to be passed?  Can he envoke some modern version of the twelve plauges on those that defy his will?

OK… I digress.  The point is that he has a lot of things that are expected of him that he will, more than likely, not achieve.  If people out there truly feel this way about him, then for that I actually feel sorry for him, because he has no way to win… it is a no-win scenario.

As for if he is all that people expect him to be, I am not worrying about that either… because not being a Christian, I am screwed anyway.  But if Ted Kennedy is still drinking, then CBO is going to be his new best friend, never have to pay for another drink again as long as he brings the water.

HALO 3: Recon – Why do they do this to us???


Once again Bungie has played to our Achilles heel and released a trailer for the new game based on the HALO universe.

HALO 3: Recon

To be honest… I am not sure what kind of game this will be without the Master Chief.  I mean, HE is the HALO series.  To be fair, though… I am going in with an open mind.  All I can say is this:

“My name is Sam, and I am addicted to HALO.”  <everyone else says “Hi Sam.”>

H3:Recon is set in the same universe as the Master Chief, but you do not play him.  You play the only other character that can come even close to his caliber in the games.  You are an ODST, the Elite of the UNSC soldiers, also known as “Hell Jumpers”.

These soldiers, the future equivelant to the Navy’s HALO jumpers of today, strap themselves into a pod, in low planetary orbit and are “shot” into a hot zone of the planet surface.  These are guys that make us Marines look like Boy Scouts.

Am I jazzed about the new game? Hell yeah…  is a Rabbi Jewish?

Am I going to put my name on the list for the early release?  Darned tootin’!

Do I have any comments to Bungie?  YES!!!!



Et tu, Bungie???

A question of responsibility

While surfing today, I ran across a question that intrigued me. It was one that I have not give much thought to, even though it actually has a lot to do with this hobby of mine… Being a Blogger.

Do bloggers have a responsibility to act as role models for the people who may be reading their work?

This question came from the following link, and if you are interested, I encourage you to read the article as well. I found it very interesting.

I run my Blog as a form of entertainment, but I do try and convey relevant news and information through it. I will also ad my opinion on anything that I think I have one on. As demonstrated a few months ago, there are those out there that do not agree with me, and I respect that. I have said from the beginning that even if I do not like what you have to say, as long as it is not an outright attack for the sake of attacking, I will not delete it. Part of running a successful Blog is, I think, allowing others to state their opinion openly, even if it is in contrast to that of the author.

I feel that it is the responsibility of the Blogger to present their opinion in the most open way possible, without attempting to intentionally distort the truth or the facts. If challenged, I think it is the responsibility of the Blogger to accept that there are many others that may share or disagree with their opinion and be willing to allow that to happen… as I try to do.

If a Blogger is confronted by someone who is disputing an article or story as being false, fabricated or an outright lie, it is the Blogger’s responsibility to research it, and if it is erroneous, retract or correct the story as soon as possible. Even to go so far as to issue an apology to anyone offended or harmed by the story.

If a Blogger is writing a piece that is based on their personal opinion, then they need to make that clear, and not try to state that the information that they are giving is the gospel truth.

Blogging is a form of journalism, regardless of what some may say. As a Blogger, you are writing something that could be seen by many millions of people. Not everyone will like what you have to say, some will. A Blogger should always assume that he or she is writing to an audience that respects them, and they must show that same respect in return.

I think that as a Blogger, I have the duty to not, intentionally, mislead. To tell my stories, to entertain, to vent, to explain and to do so with passion and some sign of intellect. Not to “tell tales out of school” or to post articles sheerly for the shock value.

Above all, Blogging should be a labor of love, and through it you should share that love with others through writing something that they too might enjoy reading as much as you enjoyed writing it.

If I might butcher Shakespeare for a moment: “If Blogging be the music of love, Blog on!”

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