HALO 3: Recon – Why do they do this to us???


Once again Bungie has played to our Achilles heel and released a trailer for the new game based on the HALO universe.

HALO 3: Recon

To be honest… I am not sure what kind of game this will be without the Master Chief.  I mean, HE is the HALO series.  To be fair, though… I am going in with an open mind.  All I can say is this:

“My name is Sam, and I am addicted to HALO.”  <everyone else says “Hi Sam.”>

H3:Recon is set in the same universe as the Master Chief, but you do not play him.  You play the only other character that can come even close to his caliber in the games.  You are an ODST, the Elite of the UNSC soldiers, also known as “Hell Jumpers”.

These soldiers, the future equivelant to the Navy’s HALO jumpers of today, strap themselves into a pod, in low planetary orbit and are “shot” into a hot zone of the planet surface.  These are guys that make us Marines look like Boy Scouts.

Am I jazzed about the new game? Hell yeah…  is a Rabbi Jewish?

Am I going to put my name on the list for the early release?  Darned tootin’!

Do I have any comments to Bungie?  YES!!!!



Et tu, Bungie???

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