Let’s go camping!

Is it camping season yet?

Photo by Leo Foureaux on Unsplash
Photo by Leo Foureaux on Unsplash

So a few years ago I took my son camping. It was a little rough for him, and there were a few things about it he did not like, but then it sunk in. He was hooked.

Traditionally, we went tent camping. We have a small two-person tent that we set up and sleep in. It is fun, if not a little crowded and uncomfortable. But we have decided that we will get ourselves a little trailer and go camping with that.

Right now, we do have a little tent trailer that I have been in the process of restoring for the last several years. It’s one thing where you are always working on it and not sure it will ever get done. I guess that is a guy thing, really. Have a list of half-done projects that you never get done. I think there is a theory that it is our own way to immortality. You see, if we don’t complete them, maybe whatever G-ds may be will not let us die.


Well… it sounds good in theory, though. It did not work out so well for my father-in-law. I think he had enough projects that he should have lived longer than Methuselah but passed away anyhow.

But we will get ourselves a little 22ft trailer, preferably a bunkhouse style, so that Gideon can bring a friend from time to time and share the thrill with them. The more, the merrier, I always say. But the real chore is going to be to get my wife to go along with us. Her idea of camping is If you can see trees from the hotel window or balcony.

I will share as we move forward. We already have the truck, as I shared with you all last June in this post. And I have a long list of places we are going to go. I have even joined a couple of camping groups, like RVillage, to know where to meet people of similar likes and dislikes when we go out.

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