Have you been vaccinated?

This last week I got my first round of the two-part Covid-19 vaccine. This was a big move for me, as I am nervous about things like this. You see, when the first Influenza vaccine came out, I went to get it, but as I sat down they asked me one last set of questions. Turns out that I was very allergic to the vaccine and had I taken it, I would have probably have suffered anaphylaxis or something similar.

Fast forward to today. We are, hopefully, at the end of a major, world, pandemic. A lot of people have died because of this and if you read my previous post, I lost a few people myself. There are several versions of the vaccine out there and there are all sorts of silly rumors about them.

Some of the rumors I have heard in the last several months include:

  • The Vaccine is a way for the government to control you.
  • The Vaccine is a way for the government to sterilize undesirable people in America.
  • Big Pharma is singling out <enter ethnic group here> so they will not get the vaccine promptly.
  • The Vaccine is just a way for the rich to get richer. (there may be some truth to that one.)

The point is that it seems like everyone has a theory about it. My only worry is what will happen when I take it. As I write this, I am hours away from taking my first shot on a lovely Friday afternoon, and this article is not set to publish until the following Friday. Who knows if the rumors are partially right, and you do not hear from me after this post… I may have died from the vaccine and become a statistic.

But on a positive note. I am sure that everything will be fine and I will not die. Nor will I grow an extra limb, glow in the dark, turn into one of the vampire thingies from “I Am Legend” or anything like that. There will be a post next week. I will share my experiences from my shot (I am told there will be some after-effects). And life will go on.

But to the question. If you have had your shot, tell me in the comments what your experience was. What side effects you experienced, what stories you heard going in. I would love to know.

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