Don’t Wiki me!

I like Wikipedia.  I really do. There is something kind of neat about an encyclopedia that the “People” have some control over and can edit.  You might call it a “Leuteenzyklopädie” of sorts, if you will. This is a tool in which people from all over the world can create, edit or dispute articles and … Read more

200th Post

For some, this may not be important.  But this is my 200th article, so I decided to post it on Tax Day, so that I would make something nice out of an otherwise depressing day. This is as the result of five years of Blogging now, starting from my little Blogger site hosted with Google, … Read more

Blog appearance…

I have decided to revert the blog back to a simpler appearance.  While I liked the “Old West” feel of the old theme, it was apparent that this was slowing things down a bit. So…  in an effort to make the site more appealing to those that may find it… I have opted for simplicity … Read more

Changes for the new year…

Hello… I hope that your Christmas, Channukah or Kwaanza was enjoyable.  I wanted to share some changes that I am going to be working on in the coming year. Do to the lack of popularity or contribution, I am eliminating the “Guest Writer” program.  I just do not see a future in it.  I do … Read more

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