200th Post

For some, this may not be important.  But this is my 200th article, so I decided to post it on Tax Day, so that I would make something nice out of an otherwise depressing day.

This is as the result of five years of Blogging now, starting from my little Blogger site hosted with Google, to the purchase of my first domain name, which is now pointing to this one.  I never expected that I would keep at it this long, really.  I was expecting that I would have gotten bored with it and then cast it off.

I cannot say that this has been exciting, it really has not been.  There have been several times I have had to motivate myself to write something, then there were other times, like now, when there has been a lot I have wanted to say.  I have no doubt that with the new administration in office now, I will have plenty to write about for some time.

There are some disappointments too… I would hope that after five years, I would have had more than 19 subscribers… and that more of you who do subscribe would interact more with the site.  You see, three quarters of the time spent on this blog are spent trying to draw in readers.  People that might find something that they like here… something in my writing that appeals to them and keeps them coming in.  So the lack of readership can only be attributed to my fault.. not that of the existing readers.

I still have high hopes for the site.  It really does not cost that much to run it per year, and in addition to being my place to talk with you and share my thoughts, dreams and ideas, it is also my window into the world.

I have learned more about politics, science and culture since I started running this blog than I have over the last fifteen years.  So you might say that the process of running this site is a developmental process for me in more ways that just the chatting kind.

I thank you all… my few readers, for your presence here, and I welcome all those that are yet to visit and maybe stay.


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15 thoughts on “200th Post”

  1. First off, congrats on 200 posts!

    I am a new reader and, frankly, I'm surprised you don't have more people interacting with you on a regular basis. Your insight seems to be well thought out and you write very, very well.

    I plan on sticking around and I hope you keep it up.


  2. Come'on Warrior, lift that head, stick that chin out and puff up that chest, tell the world what you really think!!
    As I analyze your blog, the conclusion I've come to is the following …….. most of your/we supporters are responsible, employed and dedicated people, dedicated to many things going on in our lives. This puts a premium on 'time', ok, those of you that know me will say, "hey, who are you kidding, your retired" and one would think that I'd have 'mucho' time on my hands to sit and commiserate with the cyber community.
    Then those that "really" know me, know that I'm up to my eyeballs in developing a web site of my own …….. I sit at this 'puter in my skivvies (TMI) hours at a time, uploading product images and text for the eventual 'launch' of the site, which could be in the next 24 to 48 hours, HOORAY!!
    With that said, my point is as stated above, time is my and I'm certain others', worst enemy. I'm sorry Warrior that I don't devote as much time to this blog as I used to during the presidential campaign, but hopefully that will change when the site goes 'live'. The fact is, I intend to start a blog to buoy the site and hopefully will receive mutual and reciprocal support.

    I'll try to do better Warrior ……… Congrates on your 200th entry!!

  3. Thanks for the post and welcome to the site.

    While I have been doing this for a while now, I have only in the last six or seven months REALLY started taking it seriously and tried to get noticed. The fact that I enjoy doing this is the more important part, to me. The rest is icing for the cake, so to say.

  4. Thanks Russ… nice things about sites like mine and soon, yours, is the fact that our jobs are never done. They are a labour of love over profit, but I hope that yours will make you a profit as well. I will be more than happy to post ads for you on this site.

  5. Just don't forget that it is the enjoyment you are doing this for. I found that if one does this for other reasons they never stick with it… I've also found the experience to be quite rewarding when it comes to meeting interesting people .

  6. i second Russ's comments. Time has been at a premium for me as well lately. And as most know, post IKE i had continual internet problems, until recently. I immensely enjoyed the interactions leading up to the election, and it actually renewed my interest in politics. i hope to be participating alot more from now on. Congrats on the 200th post!!!!!

  7. I'm still reading! Just don't have as much time as the people who don't have much time…if you get my meaning. Still planning a trip to B-field too. Hopefully in May. I'll let you know. Keep enjoying what you do, even if you have ZERO readers. This is for YOU! 😉 Besides, even if you only have a handfull of us, some of us go way way back and there's something to be said about that.

  8. True… Let us know when you will be in the area. First off Naty and I will see that as a sign to buy a lotto ticket (HAHAHA) and then we will make plans for dinner or something. Maybe you can get your Beau out here as well.


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