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Changes Abound

Yes… As you may have noticed, I am trying a new theme.

The maker of the last theme I was using stopped supporting it… in fact, he fell off the face of the earth. SO I am using a new theme…

No… I wish I could say that my studies in PHP has led me to this, but no… this is the work of another.

Let me know what you think.

The Samurai’s “You Gotta Visit” Sites for June

IMAO – Another satirical look at politics.

La Meu – For when that PC of yours is too silent.

BananaPhone – Who can ever have enough of the BANANAPHONE?

High Tech Pranks – Just when you thought it was not possible to get back at that guy from work.

5 most expensive – Next time you are trying to think of what to do with your riches.

The Samurai’s “You Gotta Visit” Sites for May

This is something new I am sending out at the end of each month. Sites that I have found that I really like, and would like to share with you. These cover all genre’s… maybe there is something there that you will like.

The Masonic Traveler – News and Commentary from a fellow Mason.

My Radical Blog – Run by Les Scammell, a well done site with well written commentary and opinion.

Andy’s Sand of Hell – Addictive site where you get to play with virtual sand.

The Seeker – A site dedicated to helping you find people.

Just BBQ – Looking for a BBQ joint in the southland?

KIVA: Loans that change lives – Lets you help developing entrepreneurs in other countries.

I am going to hell – If for no other reason, than he shares my hatred of David Caruso

A quick Friday update…

I was not planning a post today, then I ran into something that I had to share.

Through the course of using SumbleUpon I will find many a new and interesting thing. Today was not exception.

I ran into a broadcast on YouTube by an internet personality by the name of Phillip DeFranco. It was regarding the whole “controversy” with Rachel Ray and her scarf… <video posted, until and if I am asked to remove it.>

I encourage you… the few readers I have, to visit his site… and if you can, give to his cause to support his PKD effort for him and his dad.

Not trying to inflate his ego any, but this is the kind of web presence I would love to be!!!

Philip… if you happen to visit, and do not appreciate my post, please let me know I will remove it!

Excuse the Dust…

I am working on the Gallery and making a few other cosmetic changes.  Nothing too radical.

So if you are bumming around, and something stops working…  it may be me, in the background, lurking in the shadows, pulling the strings and flipping the switches.

A question of responsibility

While surfing today, I ran across a question that intrigued me. It was one that I have not give much thought to, even though it actually has a lot to do with this hobby of mine… Being a Blogger.

Do bloggers have a responsibility to act as role models for the people who may be reading their work?

This question came from the following link, and if you are interested, I encourage you to read the article as well. I found it very interesting.

I run my Blog as a form of entertainment, but I do try and convey relevant news and information through it. I will also ad my opinion on anything that I think I have one on. As demonstrated a few months ago, there are those out there that do not agree with me, and I respect that. I have said from the beginning that even if I do not like what you have to say, as long as it is not an outright attack for the sake of attacking, I will not delete it. Part of running a successful Blog is, I think, allowing others to state their opinion openly, even if it is in contrast to that of the author.

I feel that it is the responsibility of the Blogger to present their opinion in the most open way possible, without attempting to intentionally distort the truth or the facts. If challenged, I think it is the responsibility of the Blogger to accept that there are many others that may share or disagree with their opinion and be willing to allow that to happen… as I try to do.

If a Blogger is confronted by someone who is disputing an article or story as being false, fabricated or an outright lie, it is the Blogger’s responsibility to research it, and if it is erroneous, retract or correct the story as soon as possible. Even to go so far as to issue an apology to anyone offended or harmed by the story.

If a Blogger is writing a piece that is based on their personal opinion, then they need to make that clear, and not try to state that the information that they are giving is the gospel truth.

Blogging is a form of journalism, regardless of what some may say. As a Blogger, you are writing something that could be seen by many millions of people. Not everyone will like what you have to say, some will. A Blogger should always assume that he or she is writing to an audience that respects them, and they must show that same respect in return.

I think that as a Blogger, I have the duty to not, intentionally, mislead. To tell my stories, to entertain, to vent, to explain and to do so with passion and some sign of intellect. Not to “tell tales out of school” or to post articles sheerly for the shock value.

Above all, Blogging should be a labor of love, and through it you should share that love with others through writing something that they too might enjoy reading as much as you enjoyed writing it.

If I might butcher Shakespeare for a moment: “If Blogging be the music of love, Blog on!”

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