This is something new I am sending out at the end of each month. Sites that I have found that I really like, and would like to share with you. These cover all genre’s… maybe there is something there that you will like.

The Masonic Traveler – News and Commentary from a fellow Mason.

My Radical Blog – Run by Les Scammell, a well done site with well written commentary and opinion.

Andy’s Sand of Hell – Addictive site where you get to play with virtual sand.

The Seeker – A site dedicated to helping you find people.

Just BBQ – Looking for a BBQ joint in the southland?

KIVA: Loans that change lives – Lets you help developing entrepreneurs in other countries.

I am going to hell – If for no other reason, than he shares my hatred of David Caruso

Samuel Wright
Writer / Father / Listener / Philosopher
I am a starving writer living in the backwater of California, in a place known mostly for Buck Owens and Valley Fever called Bakersfield.

This site is my release. A place for me to talk about things that annoy, please, or excite me.