A quick Friday update…

I was not planning a post today, then I ran into something that I had to share.

Through the course of using SumbleUpon I will find many a new and interesting thing. Today was not exception.

I ran into a broadcast on YouTube by an internet personality by the name of Phillip DeFranco. It was regarding the whole “controversy” with Rachel Ray and her scarf… <video posted, until and if I am asked to remove it.>

I encourage you… the few readers I have, to visit his site… and if you can, give to his cause to support his PKD effort for him and his dad.

Not trying to inflate his ego any, but this is the kind of web presence I would love to be!!!

Philip… if you happen to visit, and do not appreciate my post, please let me know I will remove it!

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2 thoughts on “A quick Friday update…”

  1. I agree… I found him as a result of happenstance, and I love his style. I really hope that he continues to be a success at this.

    I was telling my wife that he reminds me a lot of Ryan Reynolds (Van Wilder).


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