Are we dead yet?

So this is the day that the world is supposed to end. If you are reading this, then it would appear that the Mayan’s were off a little or the joke was right, they simply ran out of room on the stone that they were using.  If the world has ended… then there is no … Read more

The Eeyore Complex…

I am the Samurai, and I have an Eyore complex. They tell us from an early age that admitting you have a problem is half the cure.  Well…  there you go.  I have an Eyore complex. For those of you who might not understand, I strongly suggest that you rent any of the Winnie the … Read more

Kicking the can.

What is our fascination with kicking things? I was watching a program the other day and I watched as one of the characters went out of his way to kick a can that was in the road.  When I saw this, I felt myself kind of chuckle at it and think that what he did … Read more

Why are farts funny?

Tonight I decided that, since my stomach was still not quite at 100% since this bout with what I can only assume was a stomach flu, I would go to the Subway Sandwich shop here by my home.  Not a long drive and the fresh air… well… as fresh as Bakersfield can grant, would do … Read more

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