…It came out of nowhere!

Where is nowhere? Seriously, I think that if mankind ever want to truly achieve something remarkable, we need to pull together the help of all the scientists in the world to research where this place is and find a way to open it up to the world. My reason for talking about such an abstract … Read more

The Eeyore Complex…

I am the Samurai, and I have an Eyore complex. They tell us from an early age that admitting you have a problem is half the cure.  Well…  there you go.  I have an Eyore complex. For those of you who might not understand, I strongly suggest that you rent any of the Winnie the … Read more

Flowers for Men…

It has been many years, but I once received flowers at work from my wife. To say it was an unusual experience is an understatement.  But to say that it was not welcomed, is untrue. Typically men will send flowers to their wives, girlfriends, lovers, etc… sometimes all three at the same time, though that … Read more

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