…It came out of nowhere!

Where is nowhere?

Seriously, I think that if mankind ever want to truly achieve something remarkable, we need to pull together the help of all the scientists in the world to research where this place is and find a way to open it up to the world.

My reason for talking about such an abstract thought as nowhere is because of the career path I have chosen.   No, not computers, though I would have to say that many of the people I have helped over the years have a better chance of finding nowhere than they have of learning how to use the computers that they own or that they are set in front of.

My reasons for this topic are because of one of the comments that many people hear in the insurance industry when speaking to a person that has just had an accident.

“[it / he / she / they] came out of nowhere!”

For example… one slightly drizzly morning, I was heading to work and I had the unfortunate pleasure of being witness to an accident.   A small green Honda was traveling a little too fast for the conditions and ran into the rear of a full-sized school bus.   Not a short bus, not a camouflaged bus, not a bus from the local military reserve that had some super-secret stealth technology.   It was just a bright, school-bus yellow, school bus.

Because I witnessed the accident and because I am a nice guy like that, I stuck around and waited for the police to arrive.  The driver of the car was not badly hurt, just a bit shaken.  And needless to say, the driver of the bus barely noticed anything and seemed mildly annoyed at having to wait around for the police.   To be honest, I am not sure who called the police, or why, but they were called.

In time, a police technician showed up, as did an ambulance, fire truck and an off-duty Sheriff’s officer, though he seemed more interested in the female police technician than in the accident, and a small VW bug with about ten clowns in it (OK.. I made up the part about the VW.)  But the gang was all there and talking to the bus driver and the driver of the car.   It was not until the tow truck showed up that things got interesting, and helped to spawn this topic.

When the tow truck driver was talking to the guy driving the car, he made the mistake of asking him what happened.   Among other comments about the weather, the fact that somehow the road what not laid down correctly and I am sure there may have been something in his excuse about the alignment of the stars and maybe Jupiter was rising in Virgo… he said, “I don’t know! That bus came out of nowhere, man!”

Thus came to be my interest in nowhere.   This magical, mystical place that seems to house bright yellow buses, trees, dogs, cats (well, cats I have to excuse, if there is any creature that knows about dimensional doorways into someplace as elusive as nowhere, then a cat would be it.) Fire hydrants, other cars, houses, etc…  Wherever this nowhere place is, it must look like a Costco or Wal-Mart on the inside.

Personally I see a large warehouse style building.   There are bays, bays that look like what you would see in a large scale auto repair center, but these bays are stocked with trees, cars, cats, dogs, other people (usually the elderly or infirm), school buses, garbage trucks, taxis, etc…   miles of bays like this lined up.   At each bay there is a person working at a terminal… waiting.   Then, suddenly his terminal lights up, and there is a countdown.  Lights flash, sirens sound and he (or she, as I am sure that it would be a EEOC employer) pulls a lever.   There is a rush, a dimensional portal opens and whatever stations that person is called upon to man, send their wares out to the predetermined location.

Meanwhile, in a small suburban community, a teenage driver, only have had his learner’s permit for a couple weeks, hits a train that…  “…came out of nowhere.”

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    а lot about this, like you wrote thе book in it or somethіng.
    I thіnκ that you could ԁο with
    a few pics tо drive thе message home a bit, but other than that, thіs is fantastic blog.
    Α great rеad. I’ll certainly be back.

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