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30 Years and aging…

Next month, on the 10th of September, I will attend my 30th high school reunion.

Is this important?   No, in the long term scheme of things, it is no more important than if you remembered to floss or flush the toilet.  But to me and to the people that will be there, it is important.

To me, it is important because it will serve as a reminder of who I was in school and who I have become.   It also marks a point where I can look at what I had to say about my last reunion, which I also wrote about here. in a post called “A stirring of Memories” and see what, if any, changes appear between the two experiences.

I am not sure what I expect… I know there are going to be people there that I still do not care for, and some that I may still have some feelings for.  I know that I am going to be forced to do something that I am not ready for… and that is to dance.

I dance in a manner similar to a disabled zebra running from a pack of rabid hyenas.  It is not well done, is not pretty and will probably go badly and poorly for all involved.  So I expect to see Meme’s on Facebook for years to come shortly after the event.

There are so many reasons that people go to these things, I would have to say that my main reason for wanting to go is that I am making an effort to open up.  Having lived a good portion of my life hiding from others, this is something I am hoping to use as a catalyst to start building friendships again.

In looking at it, I can see that it has already started working out for me, as I am now talking with some people that I have not seen in years and we have become very close.  I in one case, there is a person I am talking to that I have known since third grade, or thereabouts.

So… While I am not holding out any undue hope, I am anxious to see if this is going to be me turning a new chapter in my life and bettering who I am.

We shall see…


And as with the last time… I will be posting pictures here of the event.  Even the potentially embarrassing dance fiasco, if it happens.

More annoyances…

There are a great many things in life that annoy me to no end.   The list is, in fact, to long for me to place here without losing you, my loyal readers, before I get to my point.

Last night I had dinner with the wife and folks at Applebee’s.  First off, Applebee’s is not a BAD place… I consider them to be something akin to Denny’s younger, hipper, brother.  The one that makes all the friends and stays out drinking all night, but who has poor taste in food and eating habits.

One annoyance that seems to be a constant is the ever-present birthday.  Of all my pet peaves, this is one of the worst, and they always seem to congregate around me.  It’s like there is this sign over my head that says, “Have your birthday celebration next to this guy!”

It is not the celebration itself, that I can accept.  It is this desire that people have to hear the restaurant staff attempt, very badly, to sing “Happy Birthday” to you.  Add to this that if you really look at the faces of the staffers that are singing, you see that they are really not enjoying themselves either.  There are, more often than not, pained looks on their faces, covered with the mock show of appreciation for your “Special Day.”  Sometimes these looks have the appearance that the singer is trying to push out a turd that they have been hanging on to for the last three days with lots of fiber and little water.

On top of this, they always… without fail… choose to sing right in the middle of the most important part of whatever I happen to be talking about at the time.  Just as I am about to drop that pearl of wisdom that my captive audience, at my table, is waiting for… “Happy Happy Birthday”.  Concentration is then broken… and I have to wait for the humiliation of both the Singers and the Recipient of the song to pass.  Then, if I am lucky, the point of my story or conversation will not be lost.

Just remember.  Friends don’t let friends tell waiters or waitress’ that they are having a birthday.

Standing up…

What do you stand up for?  What ideals or principles do you feel so strongly about that you will stand up for them no matter what? Are you willing to sacrifice your career or reputation in the defense of your beliefs, as long as doing so does not cause or create physical harm to others or violate any just laws?

When Carrie Prejean was asked about her opinion on “Gay Marriage”, her response was a testament to her personal stand on that issue.  She could have told the judges a lie and told them what they wanted to hear in an effort to increase her chances to win the Miss America pageant, but she did not.  She had a code that she lives by and stood up for it.  Didn’t Citizen Barack recently espouse the SAME sentiment of what HE though marriage meant?

Regardless of how you feel about the topic, you have to respect the fact that she did not bend her standards in order to increase her chances of winning.  She chose not to take the easy way out.

Now… there is a lot about the pageant that I will not speak to for two reasons… first is that I have always thought that beauty pageants were silly.  Second is that, anymore, they are not about true “beauty”, but about how much beauty you can purchase.  Lastly… I do not care.  Seriously… the only reason this stood out to me is because of the news that it has garnered through all the groups that were offended by her comment.  There is actually a LOT of this that I had to research before writing this piece.

Before this news hit the stand, I had not a clue who Carrie Prejean was and now wish I had never heard the name Perez Hilton and in my reading (and yes… watching his video regarding the pageant), I am mystified why anyone would consider anything that he had to say as important.  People wonder why I choose to steer clear of the television as much as possible.  Either way, this has been a little bit of an education for me.

To be honest, and in my own opinion, I too support Carrie’s take on “Gay Marriage.”  I do not believe in it, but that is my opinion.  I will tell you that if you were to ask me and I am more than willing to debate the issue, standing up for why I believe it is wrong.  But the fact that I am standing up for my beliefs is my point here, I will not bend just because you might be offended.

It is like the old saying goes.  “You have to stand for something, or you will fall for anything.”  The same is true here.  If you start caving in on your beliefs just because they do not make you popular or help you win a show, then when and where does it stop?  You give in on one thing, then another, then another and before you know it, you are a politician.

There… I have said my piece and will leave it at that.  If you disagree with me, more power to you… speak up!  I am always interested in a little friendly debate and I will respect your ability to stand up for your beliefs…  even if I do not agree with them.

Warning…  If you choose to debate, I am game, but I will not tolerate attacks for the sake of attack.  Those will be deleted immediately.

Thank you for your time.

Another new year!

In the infamous words of Kosh, on Babylon 5… “And so it begins…”

Another year.  Another chance of success, disappointment, money, loss, etc…

We all go into every new year with high hopes for how the year will play out and what we will and well not do throughout that year.  Unfortunately there are many of us who become lazy or complacent and chose not to do anything more than what we are already doing, which is little or nothing.

I have a few goals this year… entering more pictures in the fair as well as entering my cranberry sauces.  Getting a table router so that I can proceed with my efforts to become a somewhat accomplished wood worker.  Most importantly, complete my studies and become a Master Mason (At the time of my writing this, I am a Fellowcraft Mason.)

Every new year is a little bit of terror and a little bit excitement.  Personally I feel pretty good about this next year.

It is my hope that you all have a wonderful year and may everything you pursue find you successful.

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