Et tu, Brute? This Article was originally published and then retracted for personal reasons.  I have decided to republish it with the original timestamp. There is nothing more painful that betrayal, especially when it is by a person that you have accepted as a close friend.  But this is something that recently happened to me. … Read more

The US Oil industry

We are a funny lot, you know? I am not just pointing my finger at others, but I will include myself in this argument as well.  Because at one time, in the past, I also felt that there was too much oil exploitation in the US, that we were destroying the land with our rigs … Read more

Could we do it again?

I was watching a program on the History Channel the other day that talked about how, during World War II, we were able to construct the Alcan in eight months, versus the projected two years that the Army Corp of Engineers had originally planned for.  So I started thinking; Could we accomplish this kind of … Read more

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