They just do not get it!

Have you ever been walking through a parking lot and happen to be looking in the windows of some of the cars parked there, and see a car with a woman’s purse sitting in the open. Sitting there for the whole world to see, just asking for someone to come along with ill intent and bust out the window and take it?

This is what I saw tonight as the wife and I were getting a little ice cream at a local place called Dewar’s, and when we went back out to the car, there was a nice BMW parked next to us that had what looked like an expensive purse sitting on the seat. Worse that this by itself was the fact that not only was the purse open, but you could see money in it. Granted… it was only what looked to be a few singles, but if someone was looking for an excuse to bust out your window and steal a purse, then that would have helped them make that choice.

In this day and age, I have never understood why people do foolish things like this. Opening themselves up to loss like that and then putting on the “Oh woe is me” when they get their stuff stolen.

OK… so I should explain that I am not saying that anyone DESERVES to have their property stolen. I have had things stolen before, so I know that feeling, and there is no way I would want a person to feel that sort of loss. That being said, there is no reason that a person should invite that upon themselves and then be surprised.

People just do not seem to GET that people will look for opportunities just like that to open up. There are people that walk through parking lots and look for easy steals, and that would be just too easy of a steal. The only thing that would make it easier would be to leave the door unlocked and a note on the window letting them know that it is open.

Get a clue, people… especially this close to the holidays.

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