Thanks for the memories and experience…

It would be unfortunate and I would be inconsiderate if I were not to mention Mercy SouthWest in a positive light, though our birth experience.

The overall experience of giving birth, for both Father and Mother alike, is an overwhelming ordeal.  While the end result is the blessing of having a new life in your life, the nerves, worries, pain, etc… all have to be dealt with in a manner to keep everyone happy.

The doctors and staff at the Mercy South West hospital here in Bakersfield were absolutely phenomenal. At no point did they treat us like this was something that they do every day.  They treated us like this was something just as special to them as it was to us.

I have been in hospitals several times over my life, and rarely can I say that they were pleasant experiences.  This one, however, changed that.  This is one of those rare times that if someone were to ask me if there is one day that I would like to relive again and again, what would it be.  Without question, that would be January 17th, 2011.

If you live here in the Bakersfield, Ca. area and are reading this, if you want to know where you should go to give birth.  Please consider the Mercy Southwest birthing center.  I cannot express what a great experience this has been for us, and the staff there made it that much better.

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