Maybe Salvidore Dali was right!

This world really is a strange place.  It seems like everything that we do and see does nothing more than prove this point these days.  In fact, I have to stop and wonder if maybe the ones that can truly see things as they are, are not the ones that are usually cast aside as being crazy or eccentric.  Those that see what, to many, appear to not be there.

So the question arises…  did people like Salvadore Dali or Pablo Picaso see things as they might really be, and you and I are the ones seeing things the way we would like them to appear for the sake of keeping ourselves sane?

Don’t get excited, these are not serious questions, they are just observations from a person who has always felt that there is more than one correct answer to the questions in life, the universe and everything… and no, one of those answers is not “42”.

It seems that when ever we think that we are figuring things out and getting the gist of life, there is always something that comes along and proves that we are either wrong, or right, but on the wrong path.  You win the lotto one month after you declare bankruptcy, you wreck your car on the way to get your “Safe Driver” award from your company.  You fail a sobriety test on your way to your AA meeting, you find out you are pregnant a three months after you are told you are sterile and decide to quit the pill and have fun.  Things like that.

There are also those people that seem to hide in the pathway of your life just to jump out and give you a wedgie when you least expect it.  The silly friend that you did not expect to meet you at a lunch appointment.  The crazy aunt(s) that you just recently realized really are the spawn of Satan incarnate (can you say Avis and Marlene?.)

If I have learned any one thing in my forty years of living, it is that the world is a crazy place.  Full of things that are either there to help you or hinder you.  Fortunately the ones that are there to hinder you are mostly innocuous.  Things that catch you off guard and cause you to take a step back and collect your thoughts, then move forward.  Usually this last area is caused by family.  Love them though you might, they are usually the first in line with the monkey wrenches of good intent and well being.

When you look at nature, there are also things there that were meant to throw us for a loop.  Things that just seem odd or not quite right.  Beautiful flowers that are deadly poison, ugly ones that smell heavenly, pristine rivers that hide certain death, grand landscape that will invite you, then, years later when they find your body, prove that nature is still in charge.

Personally I like the way life is.  The adventure is there to keep us guessing.  The random events that we all seem to dread are just another way for nature to see if we are paying attention.  Life and the universe are full of examples of these grand and humorous contradictions…  so maybe it is the crazy that see the universe as it truly is…  the rest of us are blinded by our own idealism.

You see… I think that God… whatever god you might believe in, has a sense of humor and loves to practice it on you and I.  With this in mind, if there is a heaven… I am sure that comedians and philosophers all have the best seats and the rest of us will be the performers.

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