Kicking the can.

What is our fascination with kicking things? I was watching a program the other day and I watched as one of the characters went out of his way to kick a can that was in the road.  When I saw this, I felt myself kind of chuckle at it and think that what he did … Read more

Is there a Super-Villain in our future?

I will start this off simply enough with stating the fact that I read a lot.  Not always actually picking up a book and physically going through it, but I also hit the occasional audio-book.  My favorite topics are usually History and Science, though I have always had a great fondness for Science Fiction works … Read more

The truth about Area 51 and other government secrets

Occasionally I will let myself be sucked into watching one of the many programs that comes on about Alien Abductions, UFOs and Area 51. Last night was no exception. I watched yet another program on Area 51 and the secret tests and planes. Let’s not forget the UFOs that we are supposedly backward engineering, leading … Read more

Oh No, OJ Again…

OK… When does it just start getting ridiculous? I know that we have not heard anything from Mr. Simpson for a while, and I applaud him for his valiant efforts to not do for the Goldman case what Geraldo Rivera did for Capone’s Vault. The question I have is this. Exactly how stupid do you … Read more


OK… I admit it. I watch a Saturday Evening program called Cheaters. I am one of the first people to bash you if you make the mistake of telling me you watch shows like Jerry Springer, Montel, Maury and the like. These shows, in my opinion, being out exactly how low people will go to … Read more

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