Oh No, OJ Again…

OK… When does it just start getting ridiculous? I know that we have not heard anything from Mr. Simpson for a while, and I applaud him for his valiant efforts to not do for the Goldman case what Geraldo Rivera did for Capone’s Vault.

The question I have is this. Exactly how stupid do you have to be to be a celebrity and (allegedly) break into a person’s hotel room and take stuff? OK… Let me play devil’s advocate here for a moment. A Co-Worker today, who’s identity will remain hidden, suggested that this might have been a set-up.

Let’s play with that for a moment, shall we? Someone tells me that there is a guy who took a bunch of my stuff and is hiding it in his room. I have the room number and I know when he will be there (I am only speculating on that, in the case of Mr. Simpson.) All this, and lets add that I am, say, Joe Montana… a face that everyone knows, like O.J.’s. Am I really going to be stupid enough to go and break into the room myself and take the stuff back? No… I would call the friggin’ police… or at the very least, should I suspect that the police would not help me, then I would send a couple people up after giving them a couple bills and have them do the busy work.

Now… Going back to OJ. You would think that with all the crap that he has gone through over the last several years, he would relegate himself to a nice quiet life of simple obscurity, maybe someplace where they have never heard of football, Hertz car rental or the Naked Gun movies. (In all reality, he should have gotten life in prison for his roll in those movies alone.) Someplace like Lake Vostok, or a little village that is not too far away from Barrow, Ak. Instead, he is still out signing autographs and making appearances all over America, all the while scouring golf courses looking for the real killers. These days about the only thing I would ask him to sign is a set of Ginsu knives or a pair of mens gloves that are one size too small for me.

On top of all this is the book… All I can say about that is WTF? Next thing you know, him and Osama Bin Laden are going to go on a tour together… I can see the headlines now. “Osama and OJ… On the Road with the ‘I didn’t do it, but if I had…'” Tour. Special guest speaker will be Sirhan Sirhan showcasing his book “It was a ricochet! I was aiming for the chef!”

Yes… I am doing two things here, in the event that you have not noticed. I am venting, and I am making light of the situation. These days it is hard for me to take anything that OJ does seriously. I firmly feel that even if he did not kill those people, he knows who did, which makes him just as guilty as the person who did. At this point there is nothing more to do that to sit back and laugh at him. His life itself has become a mockery of what he once was, there is an entire generation that only knows him for the murder, who has no memory of watching him play ball, and he was a very good player, back when it still meant something. To many of my generation he was a hero, and the Naked Gun movies started to whittle away at that persona that we knew. The murders only stripped away the little that was remaining.

Even with all that I have said here, I have no ill will towards OJ just for the sake being mean. I do feel that if he is guilty of all that he has been accused, then he needs to pay the restitution that he owes, and stop farting around about it. I do not believe in eternal damnation or hell, but I do believe that we all have to end out lives making every attempt to balance the scales towards the good, and I think that he has a long way to go.

Thanks for listening, and if I offended anyone… get over it.

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2 thoughts on “Oh No, OJ Again…”

  1. OJ…OJ…(bleeping)…OJ. You would think that after you brutally murder your wife and her lover and get off totally free, that you might get your act together and try avoid any other “altercations.” I wont beat a dead horse or in this case just a dead white women to death with continuous comments and puns about the old murder case. But OJ has to be the only black man in America that can kill two white people in broad daylight, run from the police, have bloody shoes and all its take is one phrase to get him off. “If the glove don’t fit, you must acquit!” Ahhh…the American way. Now, if karma were not a bitch then Britney Spears would still have a career. Now as for these latest charges, Simpson was to be booked on two counts of robbery with a deadly weapon, two counts of assault with a deadly weapon, conspiracy to commit burglary and burglary with a firearm, police said. The district attorney, meanwhile, said he expected Simpson to ultimately be charged with seven felonies and one gross misdemeanor. If convicted of the booking charges, Simpson would face up to 30 years in state prison on each robbery count alone. So, are you thinking the same thing I am? Why in the hell would OJ rob someone at gunpoint? Other than the fact his clinically retarded, I have no clue. I mean what did he think, he could walk right into the room with his posse guns blazing, steal his stuff back, and hope that he would not be recognized. He is OJ freaking Simpson for heavens sake! I mean when he goes anywhere there is at least one white women running for her life. But the story goes that OJ was called up by one of his friends and that friend told him that he knew of someone in Vegas who was trying to sell OJ memorabilia that was allegedly stolen from OJ. OJ was already in Vegas for a friends wedding..FYI. So apparently OJ got some of his “friends” together and they devised this plan on confronting this guy in his hotel room…..allegedly. Again, lets note OJ incompetence. Your going to hold a stick up in a Vegas Hotel room, just genius. Because we all know you never will be videotape walking in and out of a hotel, and up and down the hallways. Its only one of the most heavily surveilled cities in the world. Anyways, back to the story, so he arrives at the person hotel room who allegedly stole the memorabilia and they barge in. And I will leave it at that, as this is where the audio recording takes place. I will let the tape speak for itself and you come to your own conclusion on OJ. Was he in the right, did he have a gun, and if you only had this tape could a conviction be possible?

    Here are the sites to the audio recording. Courtesy of tmz.com:

    –this is the uncensored version

    –this is the censored version

  2. Thanks A.N.G.

    There is no doubt that Mr. Simpson is not firing on all cylinders these days. Maybe prison will be a nice reprieve for him to sit back, collect his thoughts, strike up a new exciting relationship with a fellow cell-mate, and move on with his life. We shall see.


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