The truth about Area 51 and other government secrets

Occasionally I will let myself be sucked into watching one of the many programs that comes on about Alien Abductions, UFOs and Area 51. Last night was no exception. I watched yet another program on Area 51 and the secret tests and planes. Let’s not forget the UFOs that we are supposedly backward engineering, leading to much of the technology that we have today.

First I will address the UFOs. Are their UFOs? Well… anything that flies and that you do not know what it is, is an UFO. So does that not meet the requirement? OK… so I was a bit evasive. But all I will say is that this is a big universe, I would be disappointed if we were the only “intelligent” beings in it. Why have they not visited us? Why would they want to? What do we have to offer them? We are a self destructive, xenophobic society and have a tendency to destroy or take apart much of what we do not understand. For much of our history, we have been looking for new and exciting ways to destroy each other, all a extra-terrestrial visit would give us is something new to feel threatened by right now.

Alien Abductions… where do I start here? Assuming that a visiting alien is anything like us, it is plausible. Look at how we treat animals when we collect them, if there are aliens out there that are anything like us, why should we expect them to be any nicer to sub-species than we are. I would hope that any truly evolved alien species that has developed interstellar spacecraft and travel would have been smart enough to think of something like the “Prime Directive” of Star Trek fame. But I may be being too hopeful. After all, the early seafarers and explorers were doing all their work in the name of science, conquest and fortune… I may be a little wishful on the science part, but a guy has to have dreams.

I will not completely discount alien abductions… if the above is true, and there are aliens out there that are examining life that they find, then collection and examination is the cornerstone of the scientific process. But some of the other stories you hear are a little out there. You would think that any aliens that took the time to cross the ocean of space to get here, would be interested in something more that fondling overweight men and women (since it seems that those are the only ones that report it.) and inserting anal probes, then leaving chips of metal and things that look hauntingly like genital warts, on people. Chances are that if they collect a specimen, they are going to do a full examination, probably leading up to a vivisection or autopsy. Again… I have never been abducted. However if given the chance, I guess I would not complain too much if someone like Chiana from Farscape or one of those Orion Slave Girls took me for some investigation. Might be fun.

Now to Area 51 (or any other secret government base, for that matter)… OK… So Groom lake is off limits to us and they may be playing around with mysterious secret weapons and planes.

WHO CARES!!! What makes us think that there is anything going on there that we need to know about? There are certain things that go on in this country that we really do not need to know about for our own protection. There are probably MANY places like Dreamland/Groom Lake/Area 51, and some of them we do not even know about. But the question stands… why DO we need to know? In spite of this fear that everyone seems to have that the government is hiding stuff because it could hurt us, and this feeling that we, as Americans, have the right to know what our government is doing, we do not. Imagine what kind of Nation this would be if all of a sudden, one day, the Pentagon decides. “Hey… Let’s open up the bases and the various programs we have to public scrutiny. Full Disclosure, fellas! Unzip and whip it out!”

Secrecy exists for a reason. It is not only to protect our secrets and our projects from the “Bad Guys”<Insert evil mustachioed man in black fedora and cape>, but it is also to protect our citizens. If everyone knows about all the programs that the government is working on, then it will not be long before the “Bad Guys”, (remember them… they are still out there!) start thinking up ways to counter the steps we take. People not knowing what we (our government) is doing is in our best interest as a nation. If they (the government) ever decides subscribe to this fantasy that some people have that the “people need to know”, then we have effectively shot ourselves in the foot. A good analogy I like to use is this, but you have to be old enough to remember playing board games, and specifically one called “Battleship.” When you play Battleship, the whole point is to not let the other player see where your ships are. This is your little “National Secret.” However, you will do many things to get a glimpse at the other player’s board. This is nothing more than spying, and the entire game process is a simplified microcosm of National Security. Both players have secrets that they need to keep to win. Now… lets throw in another player. This person represents the “Fan-boys” that have nothing better to do than sit out on the perimeter of places like Area 51, and try to take pictures of plastic bags caught up in a dust devil and sell them off as being the latest UFO Hybrid that the military is working on.

This person is watching the game from the side. He knows where all your ships are, but he has no interest in your security, he just knows because he thinks he has the right to know. This is because you are playing with a game that he bought. The other player knows that the Fan Boy knows what you have, and knows he might be able to pick up queues from him.

I know… the above is a very simplistic (Gawd… I hate using that word) way of looking at the issue, but I think is comes close.

I will not fault the fan-boys for going out, and camping for days to MAYBE see SOMETHING that MIGHT be a secret plane or UFO or maybe a couple cows that the Air Force decided to throw in the old Trebuche to lob at the unclean masses (Monty Python joke there.) They need something to do as well. Personally I enjoy going to the air shows that the various branches put on from time to time. There you get to have some good eats, see some neat aircraft that you KNOW exist, watch some kewl fly-bys, and have a good time with some friends. That is my idea of fun, though it may not be so to others.

Does Area 51 exist? I am sure that it does… but you know. Whether they are testing UFOs, secret spy planes, super lasers or filling my granny’s bloomers with helium and calling them Goodyear, is none of my business. They do what they do because it protects us all. Personally I think they are probably having fun at the expense of all the Fan-boys and girls that camp out there. I know I would, if in their position.

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30 thoughts on “The truth about Area 51 and other government secrets”

  1. No No No….

    The Culligan man is part of a separate conspiracy. I am suspecting he has something to do with the Burch Society and they are trying to make me into their next “Manchurian Candidate!”

  2. There definately has to be something else out there…. Where do you think we get all the Televangelists from??
    (I’m sorry, my bad)

  3. area 51 is true in know because i have been close by there and i had to pay 1,000 dollers for trespassing i saw the gate in just that they found me looking arount

    • At least you did not get shot… but whether it is or is not there, or is or is not a “secret” government base. The point of the message was… who cares? Why do people make such a big deal about it. A government needs it’s secrets. Just because you are a citizen of a country, does not mean you have the right to know everything they are doing.

    • Having not tried myself, I could not tell you. I would not think you would be able to get too close without getting arrested.

      Also… I keep hearing word that it is closed anyway… so… do what you want, but I strongly suggest that you not try.

  4. religion was made to hinder the pursuit of knowledge. Books have been burned and people have died to hide the truth. just so that the government and their true masters could control the masses. nothing we have been told about this planet can be true, the only truth they have given us that has been proven is that we were born on this planet and we will die on this planet. They will never let the common man travel to the moon because of what we will find there. they will never let any of us leave this planet because in space are the answers the moon and mars hold the secrets to our past and our future. Our so called leaders will covet what they know and never give us the full story or picture. the N.A.S.A. photos of the moon were edited structures were there people are there the man on the moon is real the image of a humanoid statue was not stationary it was walking. it's arms and legs were in a stance that dictated a moving walk. As a graphic designer I can tell a faked photo from a true image rendering.

  5. Part of me would like to say that you listen to too much George Noorey or Art Bell or watched too many episodes of X-Files… but living under the suspicion that you are not trying to bait or play me, I will say that nothing you have said is beyond the realm of possibility. I do believe that we are too immature a culture to venture into space any further than the moon, for now. We have a lot of growing up to do first.

  6. area 51 is in a mountain… we use to live next to the real supposedly area 51 from what everyone tols us. no your cant see it and no you cant get in… sorry.. seen the area myself if it is even there… im not saying it is and im not saying its not. just saying where they claim it is… there is nothing only a big mountain… so if it is underground then i can see how that part would be tru

    • You are probably thinking of someplace else, then. The area that is documented as "Area 51" was actually named for the AEC Grid designations that were assigned to the area north of Las Vegas when they were test detonating nukes in that area. The staging area for some of those tests was the base at Groom Lake… in the area designated 51.

  7. I know it exists and I know what the government is hiding there are aliens, possibly even secret weapons and technologies. I know it does because of radio stations…… listen to the random stations on the AM and FM stations at like 2 and 3 in the morning. Usually they are about crap and the current news that happend during the day but every once in a while some caller will call in who is freaking about because they have told the stations about the inside of the base. I know this for a fact cuz i was listening to a station, and they were talking about how "meteors" hit the ground and suddenly big black suvs and cars with blacked out windows came to the crash site and made it a restricted area where anyone who entered it was accused of tresspassing on government property….. all for a "meteor." Makes you think doesnt it.

    Oh and the moon hoax? Yeah um just to let you know that was real. Saw it on Mythbusters and they proved that we've been to the moon because when Buzz Alderan and his crew left, they placed little mirrors to bounce lasers back for data.

  8. Anonymous… If that is the only problem you can find, then this boy is doing pretty good.

    I do not see any samples of your writing to look at.

  9. Uh… Thanks for the vote of confidence Texas Jack, but since one of you posted anonymously and the other with a fake email, I really do not put too much credibility to either of your comments.

    @Anonymous… Unfortunately you are right, I was on autopilot when I was writing and did not think through the a/an vowel/consonant vocalization rule.

  10. fuck all this, the government needs to stop keeping secrets from the public its going to fuck us over sooner or later. the government NEEDS to stop lying.

  11. The Reality is that No One has hard, pure evidence that We are truely alone or that We are’nt alone. One thing I can say about this topic is that I’m intersted in it’s quality to our comfort and closure as a species on this planet. Seeing as there are other solars systems in different galaxys that have planets very similar to ours that can sustain life comparible to Our style, and knowing the new Discovery that there are species in the Deep sea and in Caves that live without light at all, I beleive in the possibility of Other life forms in this Universe. I also Believe that somehow we are Made by God Just like the rest of the Universe. So the way I see it is God doesnt leave all of his secrets laying on the table for Us to see.

  12. i think that there is more of us that is more up to date that can cume back in time and mess with are heads and that the us guvementand don't want to tell us that they know what is going to stop the end of the world and if we know is stuff then we would stop doing it all to gether and it would be bad for the us and good for the wold

  13. i no that there is a area 51 and i have seen so may shows that have had people working for them that quit there job and they no what is in there and they have seen things that no one els have and so i no there is some thing and i have had my experinces with ufo's i hate the goverment becuase they are hidding things from us and i cant see why they have to we have a right to know what is going on what if some thing happends and they need our help i would say for then to go screw them selfs becuase what they have done to us if you want to read my blog on what i think about ufo's andn big foot and soon the goverment then be my friend on my spacae at and you will find out i think this is bull shit about the goverment they say that we have a free speach then we all need to start some thing that we can get imfo. about this shit and find out the truth

  14. Britney… the First Amendment grants you the right to air your thought and ideas, as long as they are not threats to the well-being of others, without the fear of the state coming to get you. It does not afford you the right to know everything that the government does.

  15. I do not believe in aliens or UFOs before I saw the object in front of me. For those who believe in them, I think it's fair, everyone has different opinions, we must respect their opinions.

  16. Well I'm not much for any of the secrets that our government keeps from us, and yes there ARE secrets in my opinion. Weather people believe me or not I tell you all this; I have had visions of signs that the human mind usually cannot comprehend by itself. I see visions about what our government is hiding from us, it is called The Extinguisher. It takes the balance away from our lives and takes our meaning for life away. I have seen these signs and I'm peicing together bit by bit what is going on with the secrets that the government is holding. So weather you believe or not just know that the truth is out there.

  17. there are no aliens at area 51 its a biochemical factory where they can produce diseases they can use on the american people


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