OK… I admit it. I watch a Saturday Evening program called Cheaters.

I am one of the first people to bash you if you make the mistake of telling me you watch shows like Jerry Springer, Montel, Maury and the like. These shows, in my opinion, being out exactly how low people will go to have their story shown, even though I am sure most of these stories are fabricated.

For those of you who are not familiar with Cheaters, it is a show that uses the following formula:
1. Person is suspicious of their partner’s activities while they are not around
2. Cheaters is hired to follow the partner around and “investigate” them.
3. Cheaters, once finding the incriminating footage, show said footage to the person.
4. Cheaters and Suspicious person confront the partner, usually in a very public place, to discuss the problem.
5. Copious dialogue and the obligatory physical confrontation ensue.

Ok… let me start by saying this. Cheaters does have a redeeming attribute, and that is that I am sure that the number of people that do cheat has dropped, or at the very least are looking a little harder over their shoulders.

I am not sure why I watch this show… Especially with my attitudes about the other shows that I have mentioned earlier in this blog. But I am hooked… I cannot go a Saturday without watching this show. In fact, my wife and I have our cell phones set to remind us when it is on, so that we do not miss it. How sad is that?

Do not get me wrong. Cheaters is a great show, and if by some miracle of a chance, one of their employees or producers happens across this blog, I have not a problem one with what you guys do. If I could make only one suggestion, though, it would be to have Joey Greco get rid of the damn Thesaurus that he is using. Most of the scripts he reads have words in them that look uncomfortable to him. They do not appear to be natural to his normal vocabulary.

Now… on to the real interesting part… the people.

OK… Why does a person cheat? Well… if you were to use the show Cheaters as a barometer for this question, it would be this reason… as it seems to be the most common.

“You are never there for me.” – This is a real winner. I see this being used mostly when the other person is in a job that requires them to travel. I travel all the time, but my relationship with my wife is strong enough that I have never questioned what she does while I am away. I know she goes out, but I trust her.

What tickles me the most about this show is that most of the people that are making the complaints about their partners are of the following catagories: Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Boyfriend/Boyfriend, Girlfriend/Girlfriend. Very few appear to be married couples.

Now, and correct me if I am wrong, but back in the days when I was still dating, the “Boyfriend/Girlfriend” relationship implied that there was still a certain “dynamic” nature to it… meaning that nothing was set in stone until you gave your Girlfriend that engagement ring. Granted, that does not excuse a person from seeing another person without first breaking up with the one you are with, but until a promise is made, do not expect that they will be there always. I have always seen the dating and Boyfriend/Girlfriend stage of a relationship as a “Try before you buy” stage in the relationship. I do not mean this as a rude or vulgar comment, but that is how you see if the relationship is going to fit. My Wife and I dated for about seven months, then moved in and lived together for about two years, then I popped the question. The only reason for the delay in our case was that we were constantly broke, and could not even afford a cheap wedding.

It just seems silly when I see these people on Cheaters talking about their relationship being shaky, and some of them have only been dating for a few months. Seems silly.

I will continue to watch this show, and continue to watch Joey do for Cheaters what William Shatner did to Star Trek. I am hooked to the show, and I will, God help me, probably buy the season 1 boxed set of Cheaters. Complete with Tommy Habeeb (Grand) and Joey Greco and all the misfits of the Relationship Arena.

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4 thoughts on “Cheaters!”

  1. hmm, mister un-t.v. watching t.v. and a show like cheaters non the less, plus how cute he and the wife have their cell phones set to remind them……ahhhhhhhh!!!!!

  2. Neat how Anonymity provides one with bravery.

    I watch very little TV, as I think it promotes the most to our present level of moral decay.

    After reading your note, I figured out that I watch about 8 hours of TV a week… so I am not to worried about the what portion of what I watch… but you will still not catch me looking at the other shows I mentioned.

  3. hmm, me thinks he doth protest to much. and cheeze whats with the tude about anonymous postings, its more fun that way, makes you wonder if the person is a good friend and just teasing you, or is a real jerk that likes to give people a bad time.

    Mr Anonymous…………….


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