Warren Zevon

Bordering on the demented, there no better way for me to end this month of musical conversation that to talk about Warren Zevon. Like most people, my first experience with his music was with the song “Werewolves of London”.  But not being able to stop there, I went out and picked up the single.  Yes… … Read more


If I were to describe Enigma in any ONE statement, it could only be “The sound of sensuality.” I suspect that there are people out there that would find other ways to describe the sound, as everyone hears something different when they listen to the same music.  But for me, when I listen to the … Read more


When you talk in music circles about 80’s bands, there are few circles, at least in the US that you will hear people talk about Eurogliders. In fact, they did very poorly in America and are among the list of many “one-hit wonders” with the release of their “Heaven” in 1984 on “This Island” album.  … Read more

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