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Now that I am closing out this month of musical memories, I feel compelled to talk about something that has always bugged me.

This need people have to live through the lives of stars by watching shows like Entertainment Tonight, TMZ, Extra and the others, amazes me.  Do people really have that little to look forward to in their own lives that they need to follow people this religiously?

Take, most recently, the death of Michael Jackson as an example.  It is sad that he died, he did leave his mark on the world, but why were people camping out for hours just to see what???  his body?  This mooching family?  What were they hoping to gain by sitting out in front of the house or the hospital?

Go back a few years and you see the same thing happening with Elvis.  Elvis was, in my personal opinion, a much better overall performer than MJ, yet when he died, I was not really moved except to think that my hopes of ever going to a concert to see him.

When Pink Floyd split up the last time, I was upset because I knew that I would never see them in concert, but I did not lose sleep over it!  I bought more of the CDs and moved on.

I do understand that there is a need to follow the people that we idolize or respect.  There is a desire that we all have to be a part of that success or that life.  But can’t you see that spending your life following that closely only causes you to lose track of your own life?  I would have to think that the James Browns, Michael Jacksons and Elvis Presley’s throughout time would not have wanted people to be so infatuated with them that they dismiss the lives that they could have.

I know that there are varying levels of fanatics and followers… so not all of you that went to the funeral or watched it on TV are in the category that I have suggested above.  But you who are reading this now, know that there are those out there whose entire world revolves around the objects of their obsessions.  People that spend their lives to become as much a part of their Idols as they can.  In some cases losing all that they love or desire.

Follow your own dreams and desires.  Be what you are meant to be and allow what you have experienced from these stars and singers to complement you and add to your uniqueness.  Be the best person you can be without trying to be someone else, you will like yourself better for that and so will others.

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