When you talk in music circles about 80’s bands, there are few circles, at least in the US that you will hear people talk about Eurogliders.

In fact, they did very poorly in America and are among the list of many “one-hit wonders” with the release of their “Heaven” in 1984 on “This Island” album.  But when it comes to overall popularity, they just did not seem to win over the listeners.  This is not to say that they were not a good band, but in my opinion they were just not well marketed here.

Discovering this group myself was completely by accident.  If it were not for a sales person that was willing to talk us into trying something different, then we (my wife and I ) would have never had a chance to hear them.  There was, maybe still is, a place here in Bakersfield called World Records,  They were well known for having music that most others do not…  carrying things other than the usual top sellers and top 10 and top 40s musicians.

When we went in, we told the guy that helped us that we were looking for something different and “Progressive”…  his first selection for us was “The Island” by them.  This was back in 1989 or 1990 that we picked up the album, and it was released in 1984.  So it was certainly not a NEW release, but when you really think about it and listen to the music, they have a style that really does not age and there are not really that many groups that you can say that about.

Even though they broke up in 1989, with various member pursuing their own paths in the music field,  they eventually reunited in 2005 and, in my opinion, sound just about as good as they ever did.  They hold to their history a long line of former members, people that played with them they went on to other things, but I think that this constant mixing of the pot, so to say, helped keep their musical style fresh.  Much like what the changing of the guard from time to time did for Chicago.

If you have not already looked them up while reading this, then I encourage you to follow the links below to get a feel for their style and sound, then maybe buy a copy of one of their CDs.

Click here to see their MySpace site

View their videos below.

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