The Jackson Legacy…

Since I am keeping the topics for this month music, I figure I would get a quick slam in on the Jackson family.

Is it just me, or is that family whoring out the death of MJ in order to gain attention?  The other day I watched  hook on TV (these are the little things they show you in the hopes of keeping you from changing the channel… it did not work for me) where they were discussing the fact that Joe Jackson was hyping his own business in the wake of his son’s death.

Then I am hearing all this BS about the “Reverend” Jesse Jackson and that hack, Al Sharpton, consoling the family.  These are nothing more than two more people sucking on the teats of Michael Jackson’s demise for their own personal gain.

You know that there will be some massive tribute and they, Joe, Jess and Al, will all be part of it.  They will probably charge huge sums of money for people to get in, under that guise that it will all go to some charity somewhere… probably the “Get Joe Jackson another face lift”, you can already tell that he and Michael were going to the same doctor.

This whole things stings with the makings of some conspiracy story, to me.  I see a made for TV movie in the near future.  I see that this is going to be built up into some twist plot by a subversive group that wanted to take Michael out because he “escaped justice”, as two people I talk to on a regular basis have already told me they believe.

It just amazes me that people cannot let the dead rest.  On that note, I will cease to discuss MJ any further…

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2 thoughts on “The Jackson Legacy…”

  1. It is a shame for a life to end like that, no matter what the cause. I think we can see now truly why he turned out the way he did, HIS FAMILY!!!!


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