Moby – Great thinking music

What can I say about Moby…

As long as I do not think about his politics or his social choices and concentrate on the music, then I am fine.  It is really hard for me to do that with most performers.  This is partially why I can not stand people like Pernell Roberts or Mike Ferrell.  They let their politics destroy what I thought was their best attribute… acting.

Moby, also known as Richard Melville Hall, I can deal with, though.  His music is very hard for me to explain to someone that might never have heard it, or at least did not know they were hearing it.  You see, most of his music he puts together, he lets go with no royalties on it.  That is to say if you use it for your non-commercial , endeavour he will not go hunting you down and pelting you with his Vegan Hummus.  If you do decide that you want to use it for some commercial effort, then you have to give any income generated by it to the Human Society.  I guess I can agree with that… at least is it not going to some program to save some endangered slug in Jacutan.

Back to the music.

In a nutshell, the music is progressive, with a little electronica and a little rap here and there.  Like I said, you really have to listen to it to appreciate it.  I will include some clips at the end of this article.

Personally, I use his music to think to.  It inspires creative thought for me and relaxes me.  Not the kind of relaxation that makes me want to go to sleep, but the kind that lets me feel laid back.  I guess you could say it is like psychological pot.  Then, once I have become mellow from the tunes, the thoughts begin to flow.

Many of his songs use sampling from other songs or other people’s spoken words.  But they are then put to music in such a way where I think that it actually is complementary to the original artist.  But I felt I needed to share that with you up front, in the event you are one of those people that flat out will not listen to a piece of music because they sampled from someone else.  Trust me, I know people like that.

If you are interested, then I would suggest getting started with his CD titled “18”.  It has a lot of good stuff on it that will determine right away if you are going to like his work of not.  If you decide that this type of music is in your style, then the next I would suggest is “Play”.

What you may find in listening to these is that you will have heard many of the songs before.  In movies, in commercials… who knows.

Overall I would have to say that Moby is one of those artists that transcends his politics by putting out great music.

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